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Monsanto in Another Huge Lawsuit for Lying About Roundup Cancer Link

Appeals court appears poised to cut jury award in landmark glyphosate-cancer case against Bayer but let verdict stand

Carey Gillam | 
A California appeals court looks poised to issue a ruling that would uphold the first U.S. trial victory involving allegations ...
roundup monsanto bayer merger

Latest Roundup-cancer trial canceled, fueling speculation of a final settlement in glyphosate litigation

Carey Gillam | 
A Roundup cancer trial in St. Louis, Missouri, will not open on [Feb. 5] as expected, a court spokesman said ...
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U.S. Right to Know suing UC Davis for public records on GMOs

Gary Ruskin | 
Consumer group U.S. Right to Know filed a lawsuit [Aug. 17] to compel the University of California, Davis to comply with requests ...