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Do you have food allergies? Manipulating the gut microbiome might treat them

As a child, Cathryn Nagler broke out in hives when she ate eggs. She reacted to penicillin. Working in labs ...
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Dreaming of hypoallergenic cats and how CRISPR could ‘come to the rescue’

Given that just two genes are responsible for making cats a problem for many people, it seemed like a no-brainer ...
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Exposure to different types of dirt may boost body’s immune system, study suggests

Differences in allergy incidence between the two sides of the Finnish-Russian border might have something to do with exposure to ...
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Chasing freedom from food allergies through controversial oral immunotherapy treatments

An idea based on a century-old concept could soon receive FDA approval. But will it cause more anxiety than relief? ...
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Could this synthetic enzyme lead to a treatment for celiac disease?

Ingestible enzymes created by synthetic biology could allow people with celiac disease to eat gluten ...

Countering severe peanut allergies through oral immunotherapy

Mom Monica Glover said the family discovered Ellis' peanut allergy when she was about 3. … Glover seized the opportunity ...
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