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We need a quick, cheap test for coronavirus antibodies. It also needs to be accurate

An inexpensive coronavirus test that millions of Americans could use at a pharmacy, in a workplace or even at home ...
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Nationwide coronavirus antibody test in Israel to assess herd immunity and vulnerability to 2nd wave

Israel, whose aggressive response to the coronavirus has held its fatality rate to a fraction of those of the United ...
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Podcast: Coronavirus ‘antidote’ from recovered patient blood? Did the virus escape from a lab? Anti-science activism causes needless harm

While political leaders and scientists speculate that coronavirus is beginning to loosen its grip on the world, hospitals are considering ...

Searching for coronavirus ‘antidote’ in the blood of former patients

Hospitals in New York City are gearing up to use the blood of people who have recovered from COVID-19 as ...
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Targeting sperm in the quest for a contraceptive that doesn’t use hormones

Scientists are trying to create a new kind of contraception with a novel tactic: tangling up sperm so they can’t ...
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