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American teens lose access to mental health care at 18 – with disastrous results

Age 18 is a particularly difficult time for a person to drop out of — or lose access to — ...
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Why lumping transgender teens into a single group in mental health studies is missing an opportunity to help them

The disparities are staggering: A growing body of research suggests that transgender teens experience suicidal thoughts and attempt to take ...

Menopausal hormone therapy linked to breast cancer risk—even after patients stop taking drugs

A sweeping new analysis adds to the evidence that many women who take hormone therapy during menopause are more likely ...
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A third of cancer drug clinical trials don’t report on race. Here’s why that matters

One-third of the clinical trials that led to new cancer drugs approved between 2008 and 2018 didn’t report on the ...
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Making a new generation of beauty products from viruses and bacteria

As scientists uncover more details about the skin microbiome, small startups and beauty giants alike are exploring how the trillions ...
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Why we need to be skeptical of claims about the benefits of brain wearables

[Brain] wearables are touted as ways to curb stress, sleep better, boost creativity or athleticism, or even address serious medical ...
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Can virtual reality treat depression symptoms through ‘pleasant scenarios’?

Michelle Craske is asking patients to dive into coral reefs, ride on bullet trains rushing past pine trees, and cheer ...
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Esketamine could soon be approved for depression, prompting ‘excitement and hesitation’

The Food and Drug Administration is expected to decide in the coming weeks whether to approve esketamine, which would become the ...
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Researchers launch quest to understand why mental health treatments do or don’t work

Successful mental health treatments can function like a conversation: The brain hears some kind of message — whether it’s from ...
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Targeting sperm in the quest for a contraceptive that doesn’t use hormones

Scientists are trying to create a new kind of contraception with a novel tactic: tangling up sperm so they can’t ...

Why we should worry about the rapid spread of ketamine clinics

As ketamine clinics pop up across the U.S. to offer experimental infusions for depression, anxiety, and a slew of other conditions, training ...
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Hope and hype: What ketamine can and can’t do for depression

Salem State University, STAT | 
Starting with just one office 19 months ago, [Kalypso Wellness Center] has expanded rapidly to meet surging patient demand for ...
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Does popular antipsychotic drug Abilify cause ‘uncontrollable urges’ to gamble, eat and have sex?

By the time she stopped taking aripiprazole — an antipsychotic sold under the brand name Abilify — [Denise Miley had] ...
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How do we know if probiotics are safe if studies don’t report risks?

As consumer interest grows in probiotics and other supplements that claim to regulate gut microbes, experts are posing a critical ...
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FDA releases guidelines to fast-track new generation of fast-acting antidepressants

As companies race to develop fast-acting antidepressants, they are grappling with how to design clinical trials for a type of ...

Patients with suicidal thoughts can be included in depression clinical trials, FDA says

The Food and Drug Administration is overhauling its guidance for developing treatments for major depressive disorder for the first time ...

Privacy concerns? Genetic testing companies pressed by US lawmakers

Pressure is growing on direct-to-consumer genealogy and genetic testing companies to be more transparent about their privacy policies, after the ...

Loud noises kill cells vital for hearing, but gut stem cells may help regrow them

Humans are born with around 15,000 hair cells — think tiny, sound-sensing fibers — in each ear. The cells can’t ...

Opposition to mandatory DNA screens and country-wide database growing in Kuwait

A Kuwaiti law requiring all residents to submit to genetic testing has sparked international outcry — and there are signs it’s ...
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Smearing vaginal bacteria on C-section babies may not yield desired results

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. A growing number of soon-to-be ...
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