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Dealing with ‘confusing directives’, US doctors seek coronavirus advice from Chinese counterparts

Sharon Begley | 
Now, fed up with what they see as inadequate and confusing directives from public health authorities, many physicians are trying ...
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CRISPR pioneer Jennifer Doudna turns lab into coronavirus test center

Matthew Herper | 
A team of academic and industry researchers led by Jennifer Doudna, the researcher best known for her role in the ...
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Viewpoint: We’re making big decisions on the coronavirus without solid data

John Ioannidis | 
At a time when everyone needs better information, from disease modelers and governments to people quarantined or just social distancing, ...
when to stop treatment

Coronavirus immunotherapy could arrive by early summer. Is ‘record time’ fast enough?

Maggie Fox | 
Blood-plasma-based cures aren’t just the stuff of movies. There’s plenty of science to back the idea that blood products from ...
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Some countries have done a much better job fighting the coronavirus. Here’s what worked.

Helen Branswell | 
With Europe and the United States locked in deadly battle with the coronavirus that causes Covid-19, a number of countries ...
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Hunting for DNA signatures in blood could offer early warning system for cancer

Rebecca Robbins | 
The many companies developing liquid biopsies to try to detect cancer early have so far largely mined the blood in ...
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Viewpoint: Promise of genomics and precision medicine a ‘wave of hype without substance’

Nigel Paneth, Richard Cooper | 
An undeclared civil war is breaking out in biomedicine. On one side is precision medicine, with its emphasis on tailoring treatments ...

Viewpoint: Embracing biosimilars will drive down prices, increase access to drugs

Sean McGowan | 
The biosimilar category holds incredible promise, and the market for these products is on an upward trajectory. But it’s been ...
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There was an opioid epidemic 130 years ago. Can it teach us anything about today’s crisis?

Haider Warraich | 
The 1890s and 1990s were both characterized by unopposed amplification of the benefits of opioids, the transformation of physicians into ...
fda signage

Viewpoint: 4 ways the FDA must evolve to deal with fast-moving technologies and health threats

Ellen Sigal, Mark McClellan | 
As we look toward the FDA of the 2020s that can achieve further progress in addressing urgent health threats and ...

Is the quest for profits getting in the way of ending the HIV epidemic?

Four decades after the HIV epidemic began, there’s finally hope it might end. Indeed, “Getting to Zero” — meaning zero ...
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Those childhood vaccinations for tetanus and diphtheria should cover you for life, study says

Elizabeth Cooney | 
People who got all their vaccinations against tetanus and diphtheria in childhood don’t need booster shots to remain protected against ...

Seeking new momentum in Alzheimer’s research after decades of slow progress

Andrew Joseph | 
5.8 million Americans have Alzheimer’s, with a new person developing the condition about every minute of every day. There is still ...
human cloning

‘A real mystery’: Why hasn’t anyone attempted to make a cloned human baby?

Henry Greely | 
For nearly seven years, then, the scientific community has had solid proof that human embryos can be cloned. ...  So ...
blog the horsemen of aging

Viewpoint: We still haven’t agreed on the definition of biological aging. That needs to change

Patti Neighmond | 
I’ve been committed to understanding the biology of aging since I was a teenager, and my education and career took ...
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Viewpoint: My daughter taught me that ‘broken’ genes shouldn’t always be fixed

Ethan Weiss | 
Ruthie is a vibrant teenager. She will never learn how to drive and or read normal-sized print without assistive technology, ...
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GMO labeling manifesto: Probiotic company ZBiotics explains why it proudly displays the new USDA ‘Biogineered’ icon

Stephen Lamb | 
Genetically modified organisms are commonplace, and are already present in many of the foods we eat — often, though not ...
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Viewpoint: ‘Hunches’ can’t be used to decide the fate of ‘covertly conscious’ patients in vegetative states

Adrian Owen, Charles Weijer, Mackenzie Graham | 
[A]s many as 15% to 20% of patients who have been rigorously diagnosed as being in a persistent vegetative state ...

Unconventional drug ‘lottery’ will hand out 50 doses of Zolgensma, world’s most expensive gene therapy

Andrew Joseph, Ed Silverman | 
The lottery that began [recently] was not about money, or about choosing a school, or about obtaining a visa. It ...
scientist in greenhouse adobe stock credit hquality resized

Viewpoint: We can’t trust research about the benefits of marijuana if the studies are industry funded

Shaun Khoo | 
Imagine that scientists charged with doing research on tobacco’s health implications were funded by tobacco companies. (In fact, the tobacco ...
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If China’s coronavirus isn’t contained soon, we may be stuck with it permanently

Sharon Begley | 
With the new coronavirus spreading from person to person (possibly including from people without symptoms), reaching four continents, and traveling faster than ...
hero ai principles

Viewpoint: AI has one glaring weakness in health care: There’s no human touch

Oliver Drouin, Samuel Freeman | 
It might be that, as physicians who work in a public health care system that relies on fax machines, carbon ...

Viewpoint: Confronting coronavirus outbreak requires us to cope with our own ‘paralyzing’ fears

Danielle Ofri | 
Fear is a primal emotion, and to pretend that the medical staff are any less susceptible than the general public ...
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Viewpoint: Chronic pain sufferers are needlessly ‘stigmatized’ and how we can change that

Daniel Goldberg | 
Millions of people who live with chronic pain experience intense stigma. I view stigma as the combination of difference plus ...
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‘We’ve only begun to scratch the surface’: How the cannabis boom opens the door to new medicines and wellness products

Andrea Holmes | 
Cannabis, and what it might be able to do for human health, inspires me. And I think it can do ...
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A video game for ADHD? We’re still waiting to see what the FDA thinks

Rebecca Robbins | 
In mid-2018, the startup Akili Interactive Labs asked the Food and Drug Administration to let it do something that’s never ...
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Refining CAR-T therapy could halt ‘violent, life-threatening’ immune reactions

Sharon Begley | 
CAR-T cells that have been so successful against some leukemias and lymphomas often cause a violent and even life-threatening immune ...
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Aging is ‘truly personal’: You could have the immune system of a teenager and the metabolism of a 50-year-old

Sharon Begley | 
One 50-year-old has the nimble metabolism of a teenager, while another’s is so creaky he developed type 2 diabetes — ...