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A video game for ADHD? We’re still waiting to see what the FDA thinks

Rebecca Robbins | 
In mid-2018, the startup Akili Interactive Labs asked the Food and Drug Administration to let it do something that’s never ...
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Refining CAR-T therapy could halt ‘violent, life-threatening’ immune reactions

Sharon Begley | 
CAR-T cells that have been so successful against some leukemias and lymphomas often cause a violent and even life-threatening immune ...
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Aging is ‘truly personal’: You could have the immune system of a teenager and the metabolism of a 50-year-old

Sharon Begley | 
One 50-year-old has the nimble metabolism of a teenager, while another’s is so creaky he developed type 2 diabetes — ...

Psychedelics have ‘extraordinarily potent’ anti-inflammatory power. Is there a place for them in mainstream medicine?

Shlomi Raz | 
Research on psychedelics, which have been profoundly stigmatized, highly restricted, and tragically undeveloped for more than half a century, is ...
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Some patients in vegetative states have functioning minds. Keeping them alive may amount to ‘torture’

Jacob Appel | 
[Researchers] have convincingly demonstrated that a subset of individuals in persistent vegetative states have meaningfully functioning minds — even as ...
brennan buddies

‘We need it now’: Why precision medicine isn’t doing enough for children with cancer

Gwen Nichols | 
Precision medicine, the concept of giving the right treatment to the right patient at the right time, is flourishing in ...
false labeled cbd oil

CBD fraud? Fate of controversial CBD industry could be decided by lawsuits alleging misleading marketing

Nicholas Florko | 
Since the Food and Drug Administration can’t figure out whether supplements that contain cannabidiol, the marijuana-adjacent oil known as CBD, are ...
cina polmonite

Rapid genetic sequencing marks key step in China’s efforts to contain mysterious new viral outbreak

Helen Branswell | 
Chinese scientists have recovered a previously unknown virus from an infected individual and generated a full genetic sequence of it, ...
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Second opinion? Google AI spots breast cancer more accurately than radiologists, in trial

Erin Brodwin | 
Researchers at Google, working alongside experts at Northwestern University and three British medical institutions, have created an AI model that ...

Viewpoint: In 100 years, we’ll be honoring controversial CRISPR scientist He Jiankui

Josiah Zayner | 
When I saw the news that He Jiankui and colleagues had been sentenced to three years in prison for the first human ...
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Would the US prosecute a rogue scientist like China’s He Jiankui who illegally gene edited an embryo?

Josephine Johnston | 
13 months after He Jiankui announced that he had created the world’s first gene-edited babies, the Chinese scientist was sentenced to ...
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We can’t embrace machine learning in healthcare without ‘serious vetting’ of the underlying data

Sherri Rose | 
Given that machine learning in the health domain can have a direct impact on people’s lives, broad claims emerging from ...

Controversial treatment for dwarfism meets clinical trial goals. Is FDA approval coming?

Damian Garde | 
A treatment for the most common cause of dwarfism met its goal of increasing height in a pivotal study, the ...

Future of amputations? New technique may help patients move prosthetic limbs like real ones

Gideon Gill | 
On this November morning, [surgeon Jason] Souza and Walter Reed’s director of surgery, Dr. Kyle Potter, have met Carty at ...
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Rethinking Huntington’s: Disease may have origins in the womb

Sharon Begley | 
From the first days of the tiny lab-grown organs’ development, primitive “progenitor cells” romped out of their birthplaces in the ...
psychology aging old age perception

‘Proteomic clock’ could measure our true biological age through a blood test

Andrew Joseph | 
A few hundred of the thousands of proteins circulating in our blood turn out to be a fairly accurate forecaster ...
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Viewpoint: Battling antibiotic resistance requires ‘detection, prevention, innovation’ to counter rising threats

Alex Azar II, Robert Redfield | 
The latest Antibiotic Resistance Threats Report, recently published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, shows that antibiotic-resistant (AR) infections ...

Two promising Ebola drugs ‘dramatically reduced’ risk of dying from disease

Helen Branswell | 
Final data from a landmark clinical trial of four Ebola therapies conducted in the current outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the ...
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Bluebird Bio defends as ‘simple and human’ its pricing of costly gene therapy for beta thalassemia

Nick Leschly | 
[J]ust as we spent the past years cracking the code to make gene therapy work, we now need to work ...
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Second RNAi-based drug gains FDA approval, targeting rare genetic condition causing severe abdominal pain

Kate Sheridan | 
The FDA has approved the second-ever drug based on a Nobel prize-winning technique known as RNA interference, Alnylam’s givosiran. The ...
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CRISPR therapy demonstrates ‘real curative potential’ for sickle cell disease, beta thalassemia

Adam Feuerstein, Sharon Begley | 
The first two patients to receive a CRISPR-based treatment for the inherited blood disorders sickle cell disease and beta thalassemia ...
dna tests

Campaign in France to loosen ban on direct-to-consumer DNA testing gains traction

Eric Boodman | 
The French ban on direct-to-consumer genetic testing is part of the country’s bioethics laws, which legislators are supposed to revise every ...
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Why lumping transgender teens into a single group in mental health studies is missing an opportunity to help them

Megan Thielking | 
The disparities are staggering: A growing body of research suggests that transgender teens experience suicidal thoughts and attempt to take ...

Patient’s ‘serious’ kidney injury halts gene therapy trial for Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Adam Feuerstein | 
The Food and Drug Administration has halted a clinical trial involving a Duchenne muscular dystrophy gene therapy from Solid Biosciences ...
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CRISPR prime editing: Broad Institute biochemist David Liu discusses pros, cons and off-target effects

David Liu, Sharon Begley | 
STAT invited readers to submit questions to [biochemist David] Liu on the new [CRISPR prime] technology. He also received some ...
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Viewpoint: AI can revolutionize drug development if we can learn to trust it

Alix Lacoste | 
The pharmaceutical industry is facing a crisis is R&D. About 50% of late-stage clinical trials fail due to ineffective drug targets, ...
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Animal safety concerns prompt FDA to halt study testing Zolgensma gene therapy for spinal muscular atrophy

Adam Feuerstein | 
The Food and Drug Administration has halted a clinical trial of Novartis’ Zolgensma gene therapy due to a safety concern ...
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China’s new seaweed-based Alzheimer’s therapy raises hopes—and questions about safety, effectiveness

Andrew Joseph | 
Chinese regulators have granted conditional approval to an Alzheimer’s drug that is derived from seaweed, potentially shaking up the field ...