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Knocking out cholesterol genes could offer ‘one-and-done’ CRISPR cure for heart disease

Sharon Begley | 
When CRISPR “base editing” was used to knock out two cholesterol-associated genes in monkeys, the animals’ blood levels of heart-disease-causing ...

American teens lose access to mental health care at 18 – with disastrous results

Megan Thielking | 
Age 18 is a particularly difficult time for a person to drop out of — or lose access to — ...
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Viewpoint: Anti-vax extremists bully public health officials. We can’t let them win

Richard Pan | 
Since mid-April, 27 state and local health leaders across 13 states have resigned, retired, or been fired, some citing threats ...
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‘Serious side effects’: FDA revokes emergency use authorization for hydroxychloroquine as COVID-19 treatment

Lev Facher | 
The Food and Drug Administration on [June 15] said it had withdrawn an emergency approval for use of the malaria ...
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COVID-19 vaccines unlikely to be ‘cure-alls’. That might not be such a bad thing

Helen Branswell | 
With a little luck and a lot of science, the world might in the not-too-distant future get vaccines against Covid-19 ...
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Lancet medical journal retracts much-questioned COVID-19 ‘observational study’ that raised safety alarms about hydroxychloroquine

Andrew Joseph | 
The Lancet, one of the world’s top medical journals, on [June 4] retracted an influential study that raised alarms about ...
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Viewpoint: At-home test detects cervical cancer early. It should be available to all women

Emma McKim Mitchell | 
I’m a public health nurse who has spent a career studying ways to better test women for the human papillomavirus ...
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COVID-19 hit the US as early as January, CDC analysis suggests

Helen Branswell | 
How early did local transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus begin in the United States? For the second time [recently], scientists ...
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Adverse reactions in COVID-19 vaccine trial illustrates rocky road to developing therapies for diverse populations

Matthew Herper | 
Patients in clinical trials are usually faceless. But as the experimental Covid-19 vaccine being developed by Moderna Therapeutics has begun ...
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Viewpoint: We can’t simply test our way out of the coronavirus pandemic

Michael Hochman | 
In response to calls for Covid-19 testing of the entire U.S. population, several large universities, and even some employers, have ...
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Experimental Parkinson’s treatment draws ethics scrutiny with wealthy donor selected as first patient

Sharon Begley | 
A secretive experiment revealed [May 12], in which neurosurgeons transplanted brain cells into a patient with Parkinson’s disease, made medical ...

Pandemic could give a boost to remote-monitoring devices that keep patients out of the doctor’s office

Erin Brodwin | 
It was a shift that began long before the pandemic: Tech companies, health providers, and patients alike were increasingly looking ...
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‘This is what it feels like to be normal’: Experimental stem cell treatment shows promise against Parkinson’s

Sharon Begley | 
[Researchers planned] to carry out an experimental transplant surgery unprecedented in the annals of medicine: replacing the dysfunctional brain cells ...
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There will be no vaccine widely available by fall (or anytime soon) even with a miracle breakthrough

Helen Branswell | 
Vaccines to prevent Covid-19 infection are hurtling through development at speeds never before seen. But mounting promises that some vaccine ...
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What the porn industry can teach us about how to live safely with coronavirus

Usha McFarling | 
Since the late 1990s, when an outbreak of HIV infections threatened to shutter the multibillion-dollar industry, the mainstream porn community ...
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Is this brain-controlled prosthetic arm—with the sensation of touch—the future of prosthetics?

Shafaq Zia | 
[T]hree years ago, [electrician Rickard] Normark received a new kind of brain-controlled prosthetic that was surgically attached to the bone, ...
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‘Impenetrable medical jargon’: Why retooling should be a priority

Alison Bateman-House, Jamie Webb | 
Millions of people visit each year to find a trial that they or a loved one might be eligible ...
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Viewpoint: US failure to ‘study drugs more quickly’ means more people are dying from coronavirus

Matthew Herper | 
When medical historians look back at the Covid-19 pandemic, they will reckon with how the United States, with its vast ...
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Using artificial intelligence to identify promising coronavirus treatments

Casey Ross | 
Treating patients with the never-before-seen Covid-19 is forcing doctors to choose between two equally unpalatable options: try an unproven therapy ...
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Gilead’s remdesivir offers little benefit for coronavirus patients in early trial

The antiviral medicine remdesivir from Gilead Sciences failed to speed the improvement of patients with Covid-19 or prevent them from ...

When will experimental coronavirus drugs will be ready for the clinic?

Matthew Herper | 
Is there hope that something will be available soon to help us fight this virus, known as SARS-CoV-2? Here’s a ...
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Dark side of CRISPR: Rogue scientists could design something nastier than the coronavirus

Neal Baer | 
When we’ve emerged on the other side of the pandemic, Covid-19 will someday make a good story. But I worry ...
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Dealing with ‘confusing directives’, US doctors seek coronavirus advice from Chinese counterparts

Sharon Begley | 
Now, fed up with what they see as inadequate and confusing directives from public health authorities, many physicians are trying ...
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CRISPR pioneer Jennifer Doudna turns lab into coronavirus test center

Matthew Herper | 
A team of academic and industry researchers led by Jennifer Doudna, the researcher best known for her role in the ...
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Viewpoint: We’re making big decisions on the coronavirus without solid data

John Ioannidis | 
At a time when everyone needs better information, from disease modelers and governments to people quarantined or just social distancing, ...
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Coronavirus immunotherapy could arrive by early summer. Is ‘record time’ fast enough?

Maggie Fox | 
Blood-plasma-based cures aren’t just the stuff of movies. There’s plenty of science to back the idea that blood products from ...
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Some countries have done a much better job fighting the coronavirus. Here’s what worked.

Helen Branswell | 
With Europe and the United States locked in deadly battle with the coronavirus that causes Covid-19, a number of countries ...
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Hunting for DNA signatures in blood could offer early warning system for cancer

Rebecca Robbins | 
The many companies developing liquid biopsies to try to detect cancer early have so far largely mined the blood in ...