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Patient’s ‘serious’ kidney injury halts gene therapy trial for Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Adam Feuerstein | 
The Food and Drug Administration has halted a clinical trial involving a Duchenne muscular dystrophy gene therapy from Solid Biosciences ...
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CRISPR prime editing: Broad Institute biochemist David Liu discusses pros, cons and off-target effects

David Liu, Sharon Begley | 
STAT invited readers to submit questions to [biochemist David] Liu on the new [CRISPR prime] technology. He also received some ...
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Viewpoint: AI can revolutionize drug development if we can learn to trust it

Alix Lacoste | 
The pharmaceutical industry is facing a crisis is R&D. About 50% of late-stage clinical trials fail due to ineffective drug targets, ...
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Animal safety concerns prompt FDA to halt study testing Zolgensma gene therapy for spinal muscular atrophy

Adam Feuerstein | 
The Food and Drug Administration has halted a clinical trial of Novartis’ Zolgensma gene therapy due to a safety concern ...
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China’s new seaweed-based Alzheimer’s therapy raises hopes—and questions about safety, effectiveness

Andrew Joseph | 
Chinese regulators have granted conditional approval to an Alzheimer’s drug that is derived from seaweed, potentially shaking up the field ...
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Analyzing first fecal transplant death: Donor stool wasn’t tested for rare E. coli strain

Kate Sheridan | 
This spring, a 73-year-old man with a rare blood condition became the first person to die from drug-resistant bacteria found ...
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Is experimental Alzheimer’s drug aducanumab being resurrected based on ‘bad’ data?

Ted Whitford | 
I worked on and around aducanumab, an experimental treatment for Alzheimer’s, for years during my time at Biogen. I thought ...
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Viewpoint: ‘Long-promised AI revolution’ in healthcare delayed by shortcomings, including systems that are easily misled

Gary Marcus, Max Little | 
Today, hundreds of startup companies around the world are trying to apply deep learning to radiology. Yet the number of radiologists who ...
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Viewpoint: Why CRISPR embryo editing is not ‘morally urgent’: No one has to have a child

Tina Rulli | 
[He Jiankui’s CRISPR babies] brought to the surface common misunderstandings — even among scientists and ethicists — that reproductive uses of this ...
flu shot

Things to know about flu shots, including whether it’s too soon to get one

Helen Branswell | 
Three years ago, STAT laid out some of the questions surrounding flu vaccination in an article you can find here. Lots ...

New CRISPR tool promises ability to reduce unintended consequences to almost zero, treat expanded range of diseases

Sharon Begley | 
A new form of the genome-editing tool CRISPR-Cas9 appears to significantly expand the range of diseases that could be treated ...
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Consumer genetic health-test market expands: Ancestry launches new service, paired with professional counseling

Matthew Herper | 
Ancestry, the consumer genetics company that has until now focused on helping people understand their family history, on [October 15] ...
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African Americans and Latinos are underrepresented in Alzheimer’s research. Here are 4 ways to fix that

Jason Resendez, Stephanie Monroe | 
UsAgainstAlzheimer’s, the organization we work with, recently analyzed more than 300 peer-reviewed studies of non-drug interventions for Alzheimer’s and dementia. Just ...
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‘Temporary hurdle’: Russia halts scientist’s effort to create more CRISPR babies

Olga Dobrovidova | 
Russian health officials are playing down international concerns that a Moscow researcher plans to create gene-edited babies any time soon, ...

‘Marsupial-enabled time machine’: How a Koala virus is giving researchers insights into the human genome

Andrew Joseph | 
A koala retrovirus, or KoRV, has been rolling through koala populations in Australia from the north to south. It’s passed among the ...
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Personalizing pancreatic cancer treatment by growing, treating tumors in a dish

Karen Weintraub | 
Only about 15% of advanced pancreatic patients are alive two years after their diagnosis. Margaret Schwarzhans has now made it ...
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Blaming overdiagnosis of cancer on ‘irrational exuberance’: Are we too concerned about early detection?

H. Gilbert Welch | 
Even though overall mortality from cancer is falling, the overall incidence is rising. The declines in lung, stomach, cervical, and ...
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Mental health apps are reading your texts—some of them are selling your data, raising privacy concerns

Dana Smith | 
An app for monitoring people with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia is so precise it can track when a patient steps ...
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23andMe venturing into business of recruiting patients for clinical trials

Rebecca Robbins | 
Consumer genetics giant 23andMe announced [September 26] that it would move deeper into the business of clinical trial recruitment, partnering with a ...

California man invites scientists to experiment with CRISPR on his rare disorder

Sharon Begley | 
On one level, Malakkar Vohryzek always knew what was wrong with him. For as long as he can remember — ...

This winter’s flu vaccine may not be ‘optimally protective’. We could be in for a rough season.

Helen Branswell | 
Twice a year influenza experts meet at the World Health Organization to pore over surveillance data provided by countries around ...
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Viewpoint: The key to ethical human germline editing is ‘slow science’

Françoise Baylis | 
The hubris of some scientists knows no bounds. Less than a year after He Jiankui, a Chinese biophysicist, drew scorn ...

Switching to a new polio vaccine was supposed to be a step forward. Now some experts suggest going back

Helen Branswell | 
Three years ago, the leaders of the international campaign to eradicate polio pulled off a landmark feat, phasing out a problematic ...
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AI and digital health devices: FDA’s new guidelines seek to ‘strike a delicate balance’ between safety and innovation

Casey Ross | 
The Food and Drug Administration has issued new guidelines on how it will regulate mobile health software and products that ...

Researcher backtracks on study suggesting He Jiankui’s controversial CRISPR babies will have shorter lifespans

Rebecca Robbins | 
A scientific study published this past spring came with damning implications for Chinese scientist He Jiankui, who created the world’s first ...
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Worried about genetic privacy? This start-up is offering anonymous DNA sequencing

Sharon Begley | 
The upstart direct-to-consumer DNA-testing company Nebula Genomics announced on [September 19] that it will offer anonymous genome sequencing, becoming the first to do ...
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CRISPR could save the lives of sick children by tweaking the embryos of their siblings

Andrew Joseph | 
[Tweaking an embryo’s DNA can] help save someone who is already alive. Take the case of Jessica and Keith, a ...
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HPV vaccines are not just for women: Throat, mouth cancer rates rising for men

Matthew Herper | 
Earlier this year, the biotech community mourned the loss of Michael Becker, a former pharmaceutical industry executive. … Becker’s cancer was ...