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genetic testing new

If a gene test could reveal a high risk of dying, would you want to know?

Rahul Desikan | 
If a fortune teller had “read” my future two years ago, I would have learned that I was at high ...
dom alzhiemers

Viewpoint: Targeting amyloid deposits isn’t working. It’s time for a new approach for Alzheimer’s treatments

Raymond Tesi | 
If insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results, then the last decade or ...
5-5-2019 measles vaccine mmr shot skybox

Undervaccinated US population adds tinder for blaze of measles outbreaks

Helen Branswell | 
U.S. health officials are putting all they have into extinguishing measles outbreaks, many of them raging in cities throughout the ...
4-29-2019 dims

Why we shouldn’t view gene therapy as a treatment of last resort

Jeremy Schafer | 
Providers and payers must ask themselves a two-pronged question about gene therapy: Who should be treated and when? … The ...
dana info sovteens virtual reality for depression slm

Can virtual reality treat depression symptoms through ‘pleasant scenarios’?

Megan Thielking | 
Michelle Craske is asking patients to dive into coral reefs, ride on bullet trains rushing past pine trees, and cheer ...

Fine-tuning CAR-T cancer therapy could eliminate serious side effects, study says

Damian Garde | 
A novel approach to CAR-T cancer therapy promises to upend what has become a truism in medicine: that the treatment’s dramatic effect ...
e b h f pill copy

‘Biotech fantasy’? This startup wants to kill cancer by targeting RNA with new generation of pills

Adam Feurstein | 
Arrakis Therapeutics is named for the desert planet in the legendary “Dune” series of science-fiction novels. It’s an apt name because ...
designer baby in womb e

Families plagued by inherited diseases push back against ban on gene-edited embryos

Sharon Begley | 
In 2012, scientists showed that CRISPR, an ancient bacterial immune system, can edit DNA. ... Barely three years after, leaders in ...

Viewpoint: He Jiankui’s CRISPR babies experiment was ‘even worse than I first thought’

Henry Greely | 
When He Jiankui announced the birth of twin girls whose DNA he had modified when they were embryos using the CRISPR ...
4-17-2019 dr zukin with three parent baby born in kiev x

Making the case for lifting the US ban on 3-parent babies

Emily Mullin | 
A Greek woman with a history of multiple in vitro fertilization failures gave birth to a healthy baby with DNA ...
p antibiotics w ts

Viewpoint: Our desperate need for new antibiotics won’t be met without government incentives

Thomas Cueni | 
As the number of infections resistant to antimicrobial drugs continues to rise around the world, and with it their huge ...
4-18-2019 image m

US researcher: ‘3-parent’ embryos ready to implant if Congress lifts ban on controversial treatment

Emily Mullin | 
Researchers at Columbia University in New York have created embryos containing genetic material from three people and are ready to ...
4-11-2019 brain opener free

Electrical brain zaps show promise at improving memory in older adults

Sharon Begley | 
Shooting electrical current into the brain for just 25 minutes reversed the decline in working memory that comes with aging, ...
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Can your sex partner alter your microbiome, immune system?

Kate Sheridan | 
People’s sexual partners could impact both their gut microbiome and their immune system, according to a new study from the University of ...
4-9-2019 fda approves nasal spray antidepressant spravato gupta pkg newday vpx exlarge

Why esketamine will force doctors to rethink office visits for depressed patients

Amitha Kalaichandran | 
The Food and Drug Administration approved esketamine (Spravato) for treatment-resistant depression to be administered under physician supervision. It’s a derivative of ...
4-8-2019 hm probiotics hendricks exlarge

‘Wildly popular’ and unproven probiotics may interfere with some treatments

Meghana Keshavan | 
Probiotics are wildly popular. After all, the microbial cocktails are available over the counter and have been shown to be ...
andme custom f f b bcfab eedf fca s c

5 things to consider with direct-to-consumer health products

Anne Wexler, Steven Joffe | 
Direct-to-consumer (DTC) versions of teeth alignment kits, genetic tests, hearing aids, heart-rhythm monitors, neurostimulation devices, and mental health tools are ...
4-4-2019 image x

Patients react after failure of promising Alzheimer drug trial: ‘Like the rug was pulled out from under us’

Andrew Joseph | 
When Biogen and its partner Eisai announced that they were stopping two phase 3 trials of the Alzheimer’s treatment aducanumab because the ...
chronic pain title tcm

This woman feels almost no pain. Could her genes lead to new treatment for chronic sufferers?

Jacquelyn Corley | 
Doctors in Scotland were amazed when a 66-year-old woman underwent what is normally a very painful operation on her hand ...
3-24-2019 michigan med l liquid biopsy

Viewpoint: Blood tests for cancer would be ‘less invasive, less expensive, less traumatic’

Grace Cordovano | 
Eleven years ago, I was shocked to be diagnosed with advanced lymphoma. To offer an informed second opinion, an oncologist ...
3-31-2019 thals patient

Gene therapy for beta-thalassemia blood disorder one step closer to European approval

Adam Feuerstein | 
The first gene therapy to treat a rare blood disorder is one step closer to approval [March 29] following a ...
vanessa w dna strands blue istock ft image

Viewpoint: Precision medicine plagued by an ’embarrassing’ human reference genome

Sharon Begley | 
The human reference genome, largely completed in 2001, has achieved near-mythic status. It is “the book of life,” the “operating ...
3-26-2019 gaining momentum on the road to accessible biosimilars

Viewpoint: We need to speed up biosimilar drug approval process

Carlos Sattler, Sheila Frame | 
Generic versions of brand-name small-molecule drugs saved Americans more than $1 trillion between 1999 and 2010. Biosimilars now have the potential ...
measles outbreak

Why recent measles outbreaks may represent a ‘new normal’

Helen Branswell | 
Back near the start of this century, before the full damage of Andrew Wakefield’s debunked study linking measles vaccine and ...
3-19-2019 dca e b dc d eb a d image hires

China revives discredited ‘malarial therapy’ as cancer treatment

Jane Qiu | 
American surgeon Henry Heimlich is best known for inventing a way to rescue choking victims, but a quarter-century ago, he was vilified ...
3-21-2019 vera achana baby c d e ee d cd da ea

‘Game-changing’ drug first ever postpartum depression medication approved by FDA

Adam Feuerstein | 
The Food and Drug Administration on [March 19] approved brexanolone, the first drug specifically targeted to treat postpartum depression — ...
alzheimers disease

Promising Alzheimer’s drug trial halted

Adam Feuerstein | 
Alzheimer’s disease has beaten back another effort to tame it. Biogen and its Japanese pharma partner Eisai said [March 21] ...

Is it OK to take sperm from the dead?

Andrew Joseph | 
[A] New York judge earlier this month ordered a medical center to save the sperm of Peter Zhu, a 21-year-old cadet ...