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3-19-2019 dca e b dc d eb a d image hires

China revives discredited ‘malarial therapy’ as cancer treatment

Jane Qiu | 
American surgeon Henry Heimlich is best known for inventing a way to rescue choking victims, but a quarter-century ago, he was vilified ...
3-21-2019 vera achana baby c d e ee d cd da ea

‘Game-changing’ drug first ever postpartum depression medication approved by FDA

Adam Feuerstein | 
The Food and Drug Administration on [March 19] approved brexanolone, the first drug specifically targeted to treat postpartum depression — ...
alzheimers disease

Promising Alzheimer’s drug trial halted

Adam Feuerstein | 
Alzheimer’s disease has beaten back another effort to tame it. Biogen and its Japanese pharma partner Eisai said [March 21] ...

Is it OK to take sperm from the dead?

Andrew Joseph | 
[A] New York judge earlier this month ordered a medical center to save the sperm of Peter Zhu, a 21-year-old cadet ...
3-9-2019 genetics diversity

Viewpoint: Genetic research can’t fulfill its potential without greater diversity in study populations

Joyce Tung | 
Genetic differences exist between people of different ancestries. That means genetic studies that focus on just a handful of populations ...
3-9-2019 image

Tetanus infection offers ‘gut-wrenching’ warning about dangers of not vaccinating children

Helen Branswell | 
A 6-year-old boy from Oregon who had never received a single vaccine got a cut on his forehead while playing ...
3-7-2019 vaccinations

Amidst measles outbreaks, ‘massive’ new study proves again that vaccines don’t cause autism

Helen Branswell | 
A massive new study from Denmark found no association between being vaccinated against measles, mumps, and rubella and developing autism. In science ...
3-10-2019 jacob plieth vantage

US approves immunotherapy for breast cancer for first time

Sharon Begley | 
Roche’s cancer immunotherapy Tecentriq (atezolizumab), a PD-L1 inhibitor, scored its fifth Food and Drug Administration approval on [March 8], for advanced triple-negative ...
3-5-2019 numi black

How ‘smart toilets’ and other technologies could help detect cancer before it’s too late

Sanjiv Gambhir | 
I believe we should be more aggressively pursuing precision health: ways to prevent disease and, when that isn’t possible, intercept and ...
3-4-2019 la sci sn liquid biopsy cancer lung

Can a blood test lead to more precise treatments for lung cancer patients?

Matthew Herper | 
Could a blood test help more lung cancer patients get drugs that are targeted to the genetic weaknesses of their ...
3-3-2019 unnamed file

‘Genetic crapshoot’: Two studies suggest clinical use of CRISPR hampered by off-target editing

Sharon Begley | 
The version of CRISPR whose selling point has been its precision suffers, ironically, from the same shortcoming that has dogged ...
flu vaccine

Can vaccines be supercharged by CRISPR, creating ‘one-and-done’ virus protection?

Sharon Begley | 
Vaccines are risky or ineffective in people with compromised immune systems, they don’t even exist for several viral diseases, and ...
chain of paper people

This small startup wants to change FDA clinical trials by making control groups unnecessary

Matthew Herper | 
Could a startup founded by two guys in their 20s change the way medical researchers study patients? The Food and ...
2-28-2019 slider

US government’s BOLD initiative seeks to close the African-American Alzheimer’s gap

Karen Lincoln | 
Alzheimer’s is a public health crisis for which Congress has thankfully put aside its differences long enough to pass the ...
2-18-2019 jim wilson mini e x

Pioneering ‘refugee’ from gene therapy’s darker days ‘kept the faith’

Damian Garde | 
Gene therapy, now a pillar of biotechnology with the potential to cure deadly diseases, was once a cautionary tale of ...
Did China's government fund the controversial 'CRISPR babies' experiment?

Did China’s government fund the controversial ‘CRISPR babies’ experiment?

Jane Qiu | 
Three government institutions in China, including the nation’s science ministry, may have funded the “CRISPR babies” study that led to ...
2-16-2019 hand kid cute leg finger foot pxhere com

‘Genome profiling’—not gene editing—could offer easiest path to smarter babies

Erik Parens, Paul Appelbaum, Wendy Chung | 
For the foreseeable future, editing embryos to enhance IQ is a sci-fi fantasy. A different approach aimed at enhancing IQ ...
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Esketamine could soon be approved for depression, prompting ‘excitement and hesitation’

Megan Thielking | 
The Food and Drug Administration is expected to decide in the coming weeks whether to approve esketamine, which would become the ...
2-11-2019 cancer at home boy

Rethinking cancer care: Home-based treatments may be right around the corner

Nathan Handley, Justin Bekelman | 
Imagine having cancer and being told that most of your treatment will happen in your home instead of a high-tech ...
2-12-2019 fmi social during asco smarttrials header x r

Viewpoint: It’s time for a debate on precision medicine and its failed promises

Michael Joyner, Nigel Paneth | 
Although some niche applications have been found for precision medicine, and gene therapy is now becoming a reality for a ...
2-7-2019 joshhillmancf x

Shortcomings of new cystic fibrosis treatments illustrate the complexity of some genetic diseases

Andrew Joseph | 
Josh Hillman, a 23-year-old Harvard Law student from Alabama, has cystic fibrosis, the progressive genetic disease that causes frequent lung ...
art mental health mental illness face broken women

Researchers launch quest to understand why mental health treatments do or don’t work

Megan Thielking | 
Successful mental health treatments can function like a conversation: The brain hears some kind of message — whether it’s from ...
2-3-2019 df b aeb d bf crispr

CRISPR-based drugs face tricky manufacturing problem

Jim Burns | 
There are two key challenges in delivering a CRISPR-Cas9 therapy so it is effective in the body: It must be ...

Viewpoint: Human gene-editing ethics should not ‘be left to scientists alone’

Tess Doezema, Nina Frahm | 
There is one important takeaway from the controversy [about He Jiankui’s gene-edited babies] that seems to have gone overlooked in ...
2-4-2019 brain

Controversial brain preservation company Nectome seeks second, more ethical, chance

Sharon Begley | 
Robert McIntyre would like to get a few things straight. That “waiting list” of people plunking down $10,000 to have ...

Precision medicine for dogs? Silicon Valley startup wants to make it happen

Rebecca Robins | 
When pet dogs are diagnosed with cancer, they typically get surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation — that is, of course, if ...
1-28-2019 flu shot custom bba b baacd dec ec b d a de cc s c

How your history with the flu could shape your body’s response to vaccines

Helen Branswell | 
If you’ve ever gotten a flu shot — and then, later that season, gotten the flu — you were more ...

Questions arise over US scientist’s role in CRISPR baby controversy

Jane Qiu | 
An American scientist at Rice University was far more involved in the widely condemned “CRISPR babies” experiment than has previously ...