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Assessing Operation Warp Speed: What’s working, what’s not

Is [Operation Warp Speed] working? Roughly five months after top U.S. health officials coalesced around the idea of a public-private ...

Life with the pandemic: 4 ways our bodies might respond to new COVID waves

[Coronavirus researcher Vineet] Menachery laid out four possible scenarios for how humans might interact with SARS-2 over time — in ...

What can be done – short of another lockdown – to corral COVID?

The virus suppression gains earned through the painful societal shutdowns of March, April, and May — the flattened epidemiological curves ...
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COVID-19 vaccines unlikely to be ‘cure-alls’. That might not be such a bad thing

With a little luck and a lot of science, the world might in the not-too-distant future get vaccines against Covid-19 ...
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COVID-19 hit the US as early as January, CDC analysis suggests

How early did local transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus begin in the United States? For the second time [recently], scientists ...
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There will be no vaccine widely available by fall (or anytime soon) even with a miracle breakthrough

Vaccines to prevent Covid-19 infection are hurtling through development at speeds never before seen. But mounting promises that some vaccine ...
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Some countries have done a much better job fighting the coronavirus. Here’s what worked.

With Europe and the United States locked in deadly battle with the coronavirus that causes Covid-19, a number of countries ...
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Rapid genetic sequencing marks key step in China’s efforts to contain mysterious new viral outbreak

Chinese scientists have recovered a previously unknown virus from an infected individual and generated a full genetic sequence of it, ...

Two promising Ebola drugs ‘dramatically reduced’ risk of dying from disease

Final data from a landmark clinical trial of four Ebola therapies conducted in the current outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the ...
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Things to know about flu shots, including whether it’s too soon to get one

Three years ago, STAT laid out some of the questions surrounding flu vaccination in an article you can find here. Lots ...

This winter’s flu vaccine may not be ‘optimally protective’. We could be in for a rough season.

Twice a year influenza experts meet at the World Health Organization to pore over surveillance data provided by countries around ...

Switching to a new polio vaccine was supposed to be a step forward. Now some experts suggest going back

Three years ago, the leaders of the international campaign to eradicate polio pulled off a landmark feat, phasing out a problematic ...
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Gates Foundation awards $12 million to teams hunting for universal flu vaccine

Scientific teams from inside and outside the world of influenza research have been awarded funding to try to unlock mysteries ...
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We’ve almost eradicated Polio. But recent measles outbreaks show us why the battle isn’t over.

[T]he polio campaign must push on across the finish line. Failure to do so could have dire consequences. ... For ...

Genetic sequencing of 50-year-old tissue sample boosts theory that HIV emerged 100 years ago

For more than 50 years, the RNA remained hidden in a lymph node that had been snipped out of a ...
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Creating a synthetic version of the Ebola virus to help fight the real thing

Scientists at the Centers from Disease Control and Prevention have created a synthetic version of the Ebola virus circulating in ...
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Deadly superbug Candida auris is wreaking havoc in hospitals. Where’s the research money needed to stop it?

In the universe of scary drug-resistant pathogens that can kill, Candida auris is having a moment. The freaky fungus, which ...
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Undervaccinated US population adds tinder for blaze of measles outbreaks

U.S. health officials are putting all they have into extinguishing measles outbreaks, many of them raging in cities throughout the ...
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Why recent measles outbreaks may represent a ‘new normal’

Back near the start of this century, before the full damage of Andrew Wakefield’s debunked study linking measles vaccine and ...
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Tetanus infection offers ‘gut-wrenching’ warning about dangers of not vaccinating children

A 6-year-old boy from Oregon who had never received a single vaccine got a cut on his forehead while playing ...
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Amidst measles outbreaks, ‘massive’ new study proves again that vaccines don’t cause autism

A massive new study from Denmark found no association between being vaccinated against measles, mumps, and rubella and developing autism. In science ...
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How your history with the flu could shape your body’s response to vaccines

If you’ve ever gotten a flu shot — and then, later that season, gotten the flu — you were more ...

International treaty could threaten genetics research on ebola, other infectious diseases

There is something that is weighing heavily on the minds of some infectious diseases scientists these days. ... It’s an ...
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New cousin to deadly Ebola virus discovered in bats in China

The notorious filovirus family — which includes such dangerous actors as the Ebola and Marburg viruses — seems to just keep ...

How 100-year-old tissue samples could rewrite the Spanish flu’s deadly history

Late one night Michael Worobey began poking around on the internet, looking for descendants of a World War I British ...

Promising flu drug could be hampered by rapid viral resistance

A new, fast-acting flu drug showed strong potential but also some surprising and even concerning results in two newly published ...

Fighting disease, not making money, focus of new Gates Foundation biotech institute

There’s a new biotech in town. And it doesn’t care about making money. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has ...

Why this winter’s flu is wreaking so much havoc

To put it flatly, H3N2 is the problem child of seasonal flu. It causes more deaths than the other influenza ...