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flashing lights and clicks could cure alzheimer header

Can ‘flashing light and pulsing sounds’ counter the effects of Alzheimer’s?

Scientific American | 
Bathing patients in flashing light and pulsing sounds both tuned to a frequency of 40 hertz might reverse key signs ...

Baboons given heart transplants from genetically engineered pigs—humans could be next

Scientific American | 
In four adjacent enclosures transplantation researcher Bruno Reichart kept four happy baboons. … Most importantly, he says, they were healthy ...

Why curing the common cold is so difficult

Scientific American | 
The hunt for a cure for the common cold began in the 1950s, shortly after scientists discovered the primary group ...
Genetics may explain why elite divers of Southeast Asia can hold their breath so long

Genetics may explain why elite divers of Southeast Asia can hold their breath so long

Scientic American | 
When a human is submerged in water, within seconds the body begins to reflexively adjust. The heart rate slows; blood ...
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‘Gassy cows’ can be bred to reduce climate-polluting methane emissions

NPR | 
Livestock account for 14.5 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions, with over half of that coming from cattle, according to ...

Did Explorers Club dine on mammoth or giant sloth meat in 1951?

NPR | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. There aren't a lot ...

Got munchies? Why marijuana makes you ravenous

NPR | 
Shortly after toking up, a lot of marijuana users find that there's one burning question on their minds: "Why am ...