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‘Genome doping’: Gene-edited babies could change the world of athletics

With the taboo on human gene editing in the process of being shattered, children whose genomes have been modified before ...
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Why do some elite athletes die during intense exercise? The answer may be in their genes.

Biological anthropologists and other researchers investigate why there is a diversity of symptoms and outcomes in people with sickle cell ...
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Exploring the ‘solid rationale’ for separating elite male and female athletes in competition

When it comes to athletic competition, there is a stark difference between male and female performance ...
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Viewpoint: What defines a female athlete? Law professor, former runner’s case for why Caster Semenya’s testosterone levels critical in determining if she should compete with women

The Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled that intersex athletes must reduce their testosterone to within accepted female levels ...
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Seeking to optimize athletic performance through DNA analysis

Athletic Genetix promises to help athletes gain an edge (with reports personalized to individual sports) and to assist consumers in reaching ...
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