3-28-2019 polio

Why we need to get better at analyzing all of that disease data we’ve been collecting

Our ability to collect data far outpaces our ability to fully utilize it—yet those data may hold the key to ...

Why 2018 was such a big year for DNA data

These were some of the surprising new uses of DNA information that emerged over the last 12 months as genetic ...
big data

Personalized medicine, big data could lead to better control of our own health

At Singularity University’s Exponential Medicine conference in San Diego ... Dr. Ran Balicer, director of the Clalit Research Institute in Israel, painted a ...
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Turning the potential of ‘big data’ in agriculture into farmer and consumer benefits

The marriage of data and agriculture has failed, so far, to deliver on its promises. It needs to demonstrate an ...

Precision medicine’s cost challenges: Are there lower tech alternatives?

Precision medicine is leading to cures but at high cost to healthcare systems. But there are emerging examples of lower-tech ...
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