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Podcast: Should you get your entire genome sequenced? The pros and cons of diving into your DNA

Given how little we know about how variations in the genome affect health and disease, is direct-to-consumer whole genome sequencing ...
chimpanzee and human

Podcast: Geneticist Mary-Claire King nearly quit science—then discovered the first breast cancer gene

Mary-Claire King's stellar career has covered human and chimp evolution, finding BRCA1 and reuniting families that have been torn apart ...
brca genes found

Only 18% of people with breast and ovarian cancer genes knew they were carriers, study found. How can we make DNA screening work better?

New research shows that only 18% of those who tested positive for breast cancer genes knew they had them ...
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BRCA mutations can be deadly or harmless. Now CRISPR can tell the difference

CRISPR has many emerging applications, one of which is identifying dangerous breast cancer mutations ...

Viewpoint: Expansion of BRCA screening creates need to know more about breast cancer, treatments

Consumer DNA tests can now check for breast-cancer-causing BRCA mutations, however, cancer risk is highly misunderstood ...
breast cancer

Have the BRCA mutation? Debating a precautionary mastectomy? Your genes may provide a guide

A new study offers a better understanding of the risks, by age, associated with the BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations. It ...
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