Following restaurant debut, gene-edited, heart-healthy soybean oil now available directly to consumers

Plant-based technology company Calyxt has launched a direct-to-consumer site for its high oleic soybean cooking oil, Calyno, which is claimed ...
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Gene editing could cut food additive use and put more nutritious options in supermarkets

[In 2019], Minneapolis-based Calyxt introduced a soybean oil without trans fats for commercial sale. It was the first gene-edited food ...

Viewpoint: Organic food movement ‘shoots itself in the foot’ by rejecting CRISPR gene editing

By making rejection of technology part of their 'brand,' organic food producers may put themselves at a severe competitive disadvantage ...

The first gene-edited soybean opens door to a slew of new CRISPR foods

The number of crop gene-editing projects underway around the world is astonishing ...
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Biotech firms rush to enter CRISPR crop market to meet global food demand

Agriculture technology (“agtech”) companies of all sizes are vying to enter commercial food markets. [In March] when news broke about ...
Calyxt gene-edited soybean oil debuts in Midwestern US restaurants

Calyxt gene-edited soybean oil debuts in Midwestern US restaurants

At the end of [February 2019], Calyxt, an agriculture-focused company based in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, announced its first sale of ...

First gene-edited food—Calyxt’s high oleic soybean oil—now on sale

Calyxt, Inc. announced [on February 26] the successful commercial launch of its highly anticipated Calyno high oleic soybean oil, which ...
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Healthier oil? US farmers poised for first harvest of gene-edited soybeans

Farmers in the United States are poised to harvest, for the first time, 6,500 hectares of genetically modified soybeans that ...
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First ever gene-edited wheat that produces high fiber flour could hit the market by 2020

[The biotech firm Calyxt] has completed the inaugural harvest of its high-fiber wheat product, the world’s first gene-edited, consumer-focused wheat ...
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Talking Biotech: TALEN gene editing to make more nutritious food crops

Calyxt's Dan Voytas: Using TALEN gene editing to create soybeans with healthier oil, high fiber wheat and canola with lower ...
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