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Pushback against studies challenging health risks of meat consumption highlights industry influence on nutrition research

It’s almost unheard of for medical journals to get blowback for studies before the data are published. But that’s what ...

Viewpoint: Can we trust the research of scientists who work for corporations? Here’s what you should know

There is a pervasive bias in academia against scientists who work in industry. It is often said that such individuals ...

Video: Study vindicating red meat reignites age-old debate over dietary guidelines, conflicts of interest

It's not the first time researcher Bradley Johnston has had the nutrition community up in arms over his work. Johnston, ...
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Talking Biotech: Corporations corrupt science research? What are real conflicts of interest?

A closer look at how money influences science ...

Glyphosate battles: Why different European agencies came to different cancer conclusions

In the fight between European safety agencies, a conflict looms. The IARC chair behind controversial cancer hazard decisions also works ...
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