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Viewpoint: Can agroecology cut European food imports and grow more on less land all while cutting greenhouse gas emissions? It would take a lot

Viewpoint: Can agroecology cut European food imports and grow more on less land all while cutting greenhouse gas emissions? It would take a lot

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Europe currently is heavily dependent on imports for food products as well as animal feed, particularly soy and corn. But ...
Did you hear the story about the GMO that almost destroyed the world?

Did you hear the story about the GMO that almost destroyed the world?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
An old myth has resurfaced that a GMO almost destroyed all life on Earth — but what's the real story? ...

Agriculture and climate change: Taking the best of all farming systems could tip the carbon scale in the right direction

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Agriculture contributes a significant portion of the world's climate-changing greenhouse gases. In turn, changes in climate will reduce agricultural yields ...

Climate change vs agriculture: Can one farming method—conventional, organic or agroecology—help slow global warming?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Climate change and agriculture appear joined at the hip. Agriculture—through methane, carbon dioxide, and land use—has had an impact on ...
Viewpoint: Challenging organic myths — Big Ag doesn't 'control the food supply' with patented GMO seeds, patented seeds are planted on organic farms, too

Viewpoint: Challenging organic myths — Big Ag doesn’t ‘control the food supply’ with patented GMO seeds, patented seeds are planted on organic farms, too

Genetic Literacy Project | 
GMO critics demonize the concept of seed patents, equating it with 'Big Ag' and what they see as a takeover ...
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Viewpoint: Environmental groups attack latest crop gene-editing innovations misusing scientifically outdated 20-year-old anti-GMO arguments

Genetic Literacy Project | 
“Gene stacking”—the process of modifying several genes or traits instead of just one—has been around many years. “Golden Rice,” engineered ...
Drought-tolerant GM corn comes with added, unexpected benefit—pest resistance

Drought-tolerant GM corn comes with added, unexpected benefit—pest resistance

Entomology Today | 
Water stress arising from drought conditions can trigger outbreaks of bark beetles, wood borers, and sap feeders like spider mites ...

‘Regenerative’ agriculture: Organic farming buzz word, or the path to sustainable food production?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
The goal should be sustainability, not trying to advance an ideology ...

Roundup glyphosate weedkiller responsible for the decline in Monarch butterflies? Media and advocacy groups badly misreport study

Genetic Literacy Project | 
News reporting at its best should be nuanced. There are rarely 'black hats' and 'white hats' when it comes to ...
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Viewpoint: Glyphosate-tainted hummus? Environmental Working Group’s latest pesticide scare short on facts

Genetic Literacy Project | 
In the wake of a highly publicized legal settlement between Bayer, owner of former glyphosate-maker Monsanto, and lawyers representing plaintiffs ...
Factory Supply Higher Quality Blue Granular Powder Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate

Viewpoint: Organic fungicide copper sulfate and other copper products widely used by wine growers endangers humans, animals and insects

Organic farming is not chemical free. Copper sulfate is a popular one. How does it work and how does it ...
american elm trees park

Biotechnology forestry revival projects now include elms along with American chestnuts

Genetic Literacy Project | 
There was a time when the stately elm was a symbol of American and European small-town prosperity and pride. It ...
kling superjumbo

Viewpoint: Blame the coronavirus on ‘industrial agriculture’? We need more, not less of it to stave off the next viral pandemic

Genetic Literacy Project | 
An internet meme is circulating worldwide in the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic: “Every disaster starts with a scientist being ...
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Assessing coronavirus media coverage: Too late, too alarmist, and too much censorship

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Few Western media outlets are getting this one right ...
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Gene drives could revolutionize how we deal with pests—if the technology avoids the controversial fate of GMOs

Genetic Literacy Project | 
In addition to research and laboratory ethics, gene drive proponents need to focus on public perception ...
basil keating blog photo

Will CRISPR’s promise force the organic industry to reconsider its opposition to gene-edited crops?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
In addition to better nutrition, CRISPR can produce foods with fewer 'inputs' than conventional and organic foods ...
roundup vaccine

Do vaccines contain glyphosate? Anti-GMO claim requires ‘very unlikely scenario’

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Many GMO critics believe that vaccines are contaminated with glyphosate. A look at how vaccines are made and how glyphosate ...
CRISPR opener

Viewpoint: Public supports CRISPR, gene drives to battle infectious disease, plant pests—despite activist opposition

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Consumers are less wary of biotechnology when they know how it's being deployed ...
genetically modify food debate

Education, politics, religion may have no impact on our acceptance of GMOs

Genetic Literacy Project | 
A study examining the public's 2006 views on GMOs offers a glimpse into the evolution of the ongoing debate over ...

CRISPR breathing new life into wheat and other crops—can it avoid GMO controversy?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
The food industry is hopeful the new gene-editing technology can help create new crop variants without running into the activist ...

Milkweed: Mother’s milk for monarch butterflies, but yield-robbing weed for farmers

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Can we encourage a resurgence in butterfly-friendly milkweed populations without making farming even more challenging? ...

Quest to reduce greenhouse gases needs modern farming techniques, including use of GMOs, not organics, research shows

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Modern farming has "uncoupled" itself from greenhouse gas output -- using new technologies, including genetic engineering, to boost crop yields ...
default why we won t be able to feed the world without gm

Viewpoint: Organic farmer’s New York Times opinion piece perpetuates ‘fantasy’ of small growers feeding the world

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Barber’s perspective on GM and patented seeds follow the party line of the organic industry ...
unnamed file

Viewpoint: Guardian (UK) ‘Toxic America’ series: Anti-chemical activism masquerades as science journalism

Genetic Literacy Project | 
So far, they’ve published no article by or in-depth interview with an actual scientist ...
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