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Saving our bacon: Gene editing could protect pigs from deadly virus

The meat and poultry industry is in need of novel methods to stave off infection. A group from the College of ...

Viewpoint: It’s time to replace our fear-based genetic engineering regulations

In the early 1970s a group of scientists -- none involved in agriculture or food -- raised concerns about the ...
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Europe stands alone in its ‘backward de facto ban’ of agricultural gene editing, European scientists warn

"We, as vice-chancellors of Swedish universities and higher education institutions, are very critical of a decision by the Court of ...

CRISPR gene editing speeds breeding of Cassava and other staple food crops

Cassava plays a big role as a staple food and a highly favored commodity in the multibillion starch industry. However, ...

Viewpoint: When it comes to CRISPR crop regulations, Europe must trust its biotech experts

The latest ruling by the European Court of Justice requires that crops created using gene-editing techniques such as CRISPR must ...
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CRISPR is poised to revolutionize biotech crops if politics doesn’t block it

Back in 2016, I wrote a feature story for Florida Grower magazine on the potential of CRISPR/Cas9 to improve agricultural productivity and maybe even ...

What is a GMO? That’s a question with many answers

Nothing seems to upset those arguing about GMOs more than debating the definition of the term “GMO” itself. Most proponents ...

Viewpoint: To be competitive, India must follow its own lead in regulating gene editing

The European Court of Justice has ruled that organisms altered using gene editing tools should be subjected to the same rules as ...
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CRISPR gene editing could improve crops, animals in Sub-Saharan Africa, but public education is key

.... (CRISPR) technology has enabled genetic engineering feats previously considered impracticable, offering great hopes for solutions to problems facing society ...
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Viewpoint: German regulators shouldn’t trust Testbiotech and other anti-biotech ‘lobbyists’ to guide public about CRISPR gene editing

Yes, it is important to inform the public about the opportunities and risks of new genetic engineering techniques—but not by ...

USDA reveals plans to regulate GM plants based on traits, not breeding method

USDA's Sid Abel and Doug McKalip just briefed me on the new regulatory framework that is shaping up for the ...

Agricultural innovation raises thorny ethical questions about overconsumption in the western world

Scientists at the Department of Agrobiotechnology research facility in the Vienna University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Tulln, ...
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