Viewpoint: German regulators shouldn’t trust Testbiotech and other anti-biotech ‘lobbyists’ to guide public about CRISPR gene editing

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Image Credit: Reuters/Fabrizio Bensch

Yes, it is important to inform the public about the opportunities and risks of new genetic engineering techniques—but not by state-paid eco-lobbyists.

The Federal Agency for Nature Conservation and its super-ordinate authority, the Federal Ministry for the Environment, have commissioned a well-known lobby organization for a stately sum of 200,000 euros to classify the opportunities and risks of the new genetic engineering tool CRISPR Cas-9 for the public. Clearly, classifications are becoming increasingly important in a complex world of unclear technologies …. Enlightenment, information and dialogue are essential to create a basis for discussion.

However, it is completely wrong to entrust this task to an organization that …. is part of a clearly established network of genetic engineering opponents. This organization, Testbiotech …. strongly opposes any form of genetic engineering in plant breeding.


Editor’s note: This article was originally published in German. This summary was prepared with Google Translate and edited for clarity.

Read full, original article: Gentechnik Gefaellige Fakten Gesucht Und Gefunden

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