Podcast: The phrase ‘Who’s Your (Grand) Daddy’ has shocking relevance to Jack Nunn, as the Australian geneticist learns of his surprising link to Britain’s most notorious ‘sperminator’

Consumer genetic tests are becoming widespread - but what happens when an innocent investigation reveals dark family secrets? ...

Selling yourself: There’s a growing market for your DNA data

Citizen scientists are supplying the data stream to drive precision medicine ...

Viewpoint: There’s danger in overselling the benefits of routine DNA sequencing

For decades the potential of stem cells to cure all disease was promised. Today’s reality is that the few worthy ...

Regulating fast-moving consumer genetic testing industry is no small challenge

Submitting a vial of spit to a genetic testing company is easy. Understanding the implications — and regulating the burgeoning ...

Want to make money off genome sequencing? There’s an app for that

Helix, a growing DNA sequencing company, moves into direct-to-consumer genetics with a plan for the first genome app store. Will ...
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