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‘Dreaming must be important’. But we still don’t really know why we do it.

In an extensive 2012 literature review, the psychologist Matthew Merced notes that, even though nobody knows for certain why we ...
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If you can’t remember your dreams, is there something wrong with you?

What is it about people who don’t remember their dreams that sets them apart from the people that do? Is ...

Dream quest: Why you can’t remember your dreams—and how you can change that

For many of us, dreams are an almost intangible presence. If we’re lucky, we can only remember the most fleeting ...
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Why do so many of us dream about flying, falling or being chased?

Most of us experience these so-called "typical dreams" during our lifetime. Around three-quarters of people dream of falling, for instance, and that ...
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Can we control our dreams through gene therapy?

What drives our dreams? For most of human history, people thought dreams were supernatural--messages from the gods or visions of ...

Delving into our dreams—and why they evolve as we age

Although radically different in terms of their content and feel, the range of dream states are just as complex as ...
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