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Would artificial wombs liberate women from the ‘blood, sweat and tears’ of pregnancy?

By lifting the burden of reproduction, artificial wombs might liberate women ...
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Are we ready for the artificial womb?

In the coming years, the obstacles to ectogenesis --development outside of a mother from fertilization to full-term infancy-- will be ...
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Male pregnancy may be closer than you think

As women begin to receive uterine transplants, the question is being asked of when they will be available for men ...

Controversy walks hand-in-hand with the artificial womb, but is it warranted?

Research into the development of an artificial womb has sparked a wide range of conjecture from bioethicists who worry about ...
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Artificial uterus: How close is the reality?

Nobody is working on an artificial uterus that can carry a fetus for the entirety of a pregnancy. But medical ...
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