When is it ok to edit the genome of a human embryo? Americans have mixed opinions

We’ve reached the point in scientific and technological advancement that editing our own genomes, or those of humans not yet ...
Reproductive medicine could become entangled in the 'embryos are people' debate

Reproductive medicine could become entangled in the ’embryos are people’ debate

The announcement that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy will retire at the end of [July] and President Trump’s nomination of ...

Fertility clinic meltdown: What happens when slumbering eggs are awakened early

Fragile spindle apparatuses are an integral part to embryonic growth. What happened to embryo structures when they were thawed and ...

When does life begin? Here are 17 points in time to consider

The US Department of Health and Human Services has taken the official position that life begins at conception. Here's a ...

Epigenetic ‘eraser’ can reset behavior, disease vulnerability and life experiences

Many epigenetic changes that occur in humans in genetic response to the environment are erased within the embryo. Certain diseases, ...
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