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‘Politics and war’: Why life on other planets would look a lot like our own

If other beings do populate the universe, what are they doing out there? Are the possible inhabitants of Teegarden b, ...

‘Chilling’ solution to Fermi paradox: Are intelligent life forms destined to destroy themselves?

If we compress the history of the universe into a single year, Earth and our solar system formed around Labor ...

Deep dive for aliens: We’ve only examined a ‘hot tub’ worth of cosmic ocean

[A] new study suggests we haven’t exactly taken a deep dive when it comes to hunting for other-worldly life forms ...

How probable is it that we’re alone in the universe?

Earlier this year I wrote about two ways of looking at the probability of there being advanced alien civilizations – the ...

Are we alone? If not, why hasn’t anyone dropped by Earth for a visit?

Scientists disagree on the probability that advanced extraterrestrials exist somewhere in the universe. Among the biggest arguments against aliens is ...
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