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Why don’t humans have fur? We have theories, but no answers

Smithsonian | 
Evolutionary theorists have put forth numerous hypotheses for why humans became the naked mole rats of the primate world. Did we adapt ...
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New ‘scuba rice’ could protect 49 million acres of rice fields from flooding

Smithsonian | 
According to some estimates, half the world depends on rice as its staple food. But as the climate changes, rice cultivation ...

Deep dive for aliens: We’ve only examined a ‘hot tub’ worth of cosmic ocean

Smithsonian | 
[A] new study suggests we haven’t exactly taken a deep dive when it comes to hunting for other-worldly life forms ...
Were Neanderthals wiped out by icy climate change?

Were Neanderthals wiped out by icy climate change?

Smithsonian | 
About 40,000 years ago, Neanderthals began disappearing from Europe, but exactly why they died out is a mystery. … Researchers propose ...

Video: Ancient corn variety that makes its own nitrogen could lead to more sustainable farming

Smithsonian | 
In the 1980s, Howard-Yana Shapiro, now chief agricultural officer at Mars, Incorporated, was looking for new kinds of corn. He ...
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