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Viewpoint: Protecting NFL players’ brains demands ‘unbiased researchers with good intentions’

As a spectator, it’s easy to forget the long term consequences of 300 pound humans crashing into each other at over 20 ...
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Viewpoint: If you want your children to have healthier brains, don’t let them play tackle football

If U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams asked for our advice (he hasn’t), we’d recommend that he issue the following statement:  ...
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New IQ test for pro athletes promises dynamic assessment of ‘sports-specific’ abilities

[T]he Athletic Intelligence Quotient, a test that measures an athlete’s sports-specific cognitive abilities [took] a while to build. Nearly 15 ...

Improving the sports concussion ‘tool kit’: Virtual reality goggles promise speedier diagnosis

As the 2018 [football] season gets into full swing, some college teams are keeping a new gadget on the sidelines: ...

Treating the concussion epidemic: Could spit tests identify those most likely to recover slowly?

A study found that microRNA in the saliva may offer early warning signs about a person's likelihood of recovering quickly ...

Sports and war: With concussions, there’s little difference between football, fighting

Evidence suggests "early aging" in the brains of troops is a result of experiencing bomb blasts. It may be similar ...
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