Podcast: Getting back to nature—7 reasons you should start a home garden

Our collective desire to get “back to nature” is probably one of the better instincts from the Woodstock era that ...
reindustrial mews house conversion

Are houseplants indoor air filters? Science busts a popular home gardening myth

Houseplants have much to recommend them. They’re fun to care for, they look good on Instagram, and they express environmental ...

Non-GMO vegetable seeds? Capitalizing on consumer fears to sell overpriced seeds

Niki Jabbour....recently shook a hornet’s nest. The talented gardener, book author, and radio host said on Facebook that she’d been ...
bee and butterfly

This mom and gardener doesn’t fear glyphosate—and says we shouldn’t either

One of the perpetual battles I’m fighting these days is countering the misinformation about pesticides that gardeners like me responsibly ...
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