This mom and gardener doesn’t fear glyphosate—and says we shouldn’t either

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One of the perpetual battles I’m fighting these days is countering the misinformation about pesticides that gardeners like me responsibly use in our yards.

The largest front in this battle, however, is online, in gardening groups and with news stories. The recent spate of headlines about the California jury ruling against Monsanto, and the agenda-driven report from the EWG on glyphosate (AKA Roundup) in cereals, are prominent examples of misinformation about science gaining popular cultural traction.  ….

[Editor’s note: Amber Boas is a Medium Contributor and home gardener in Florida.]


One key element I always look for is scientific consensus. This starts when many studies on a topic are published in peer-reviewed journals …. Virtually all scientific regulatory agencies around the world who have looked at the safety of glyphosate have said the same thing: glyphosate has very low toxicity and is not likely to cause negative health effects in humans.

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Over a dozen species of butterflies have regularly frequented my front yard garden this season  …. I’m doing my little part to encourage ecological diversity and protect important habitats for our fellow creatures that are all too rapidly disappearing.

Glyphosate Helps Me Help Pollinators


One tool that helped me achieve my goal of a pollinator paradise was glyphosate …. Glyphosate stopped [the weeds] from continually re-growing [which] reduces competition for resources and allows my flowering plants, and the pollinators that frequent them, to thrive.

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