Hangover free wine? CRISPR gene editing could produce new varietals and disease-resistant grapes

Gene editing offers a new tool for wine grape growers, who have for decades grappled with troublesome pests, high pesticide ...
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Podcast: This GMO probiotic helps prevent hangovers—can it ease consumer fear of biotechnology?

There's nothing quite like a hangover. After a few too many drinks and a night of restless sleep, you wake ...
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Podcast: Battling hangovers with GMO bacteria

Genetically engineered microbes commonly manufacture our vitamins and amino acid supplements, but can they be supplements themselves? Zbiotics has developed ...
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‘Proudly GMO’ probiotic takes aim at hangovers. Can it ease consumer fear of biotechnology?

On [August 17], a San Francisco-based start-up called ZBiotics celebrated the launch of its first product in a fitting way: ...
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Can genetically engineered bacteria ward off a hangover?

We all know that alcohol is bad for you — like really bad for you — and a night of ...
can you get hangover weed hero

Ultimate hangover cure? Could the solution be found in a pill?

Nanocapsules containing a substance that can efficiently break down alcohol quickly could prevent alcohol poisoning, and could work as a ...
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