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Extrachromosomal DNA: The unique clues scientists are using to outfox cancer

Chemical & Engineering News | 
Human cells are not supposed to have extra bits of DNA floating around, so [Paul] Mischel described the peculiar substance ...
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First COVID-19 vaccines on track to arrive late 2020, faster than thought possible

Chemical & Engineering News | 
Three companies with funding from the US government—AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, and Moderna—are on track to distribute the first commercial ...
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Gene therapy pioneer James Wilson makes a comeback after disastrous start

Chemistry & Engineering News | 
Twenty years ago, a young man named Jesse Gelsinger was injected with a large dose of gene-shuttling viruses designed in ...
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‘Proudly GMO’ probiotic takes aim at hangovers. Can it ease consumer fear of biotechnology?

Chemical and Engineering News | 
On [August 17], a San Francisco-based start-up called ZBiotics celebrated the launch of its first product in a fitting way: ...
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Can the RNA editing race challenge the potential of CRISPR’s DNA editing?

Chemical & Engineering News | 
RNA, a short-lived cousin to its better-known partner DNA, is the blueprint for protein production in cells. [Biotech entrepreneur Joshua] ...
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‘Epitranscriptomics’: New field aims to treat cancer through RNA code

Chemistry & Engineering News | 
It’s not every day that a biotech investor stumbles across an entirely new field of science. And frankly, Carlo Rizzuto ...

‘Software of life’ and why messenger RNA could be the next big thing in pharmaceuticals

Chemical & Engineering News | 
“Why are we so passionate about messenger RNA?” Moderna President Stephen Hoge asked the attentive audience. “It starts with the ...

‘The potential here is huge’: Using exosomes to package and deliver drug therapy

Chemical & Engineering News | 
Millions of tiny bubbles, released from cells and packaged with molecular mail, are racing through your bloodstream right now. And ...
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Reversing traumatic brain injury: Memory-enhancing drug might help

Science | 
[T]raumatic brain injury can be permanent. There are no drugs to reverse the cognitive decline and memory loss, and any ...

1 in 5 healthy adults may carry rare genetic disease mutations

Science | 
A new pair of studies is the first ever randomized clinical trials evaluating whole genome sequencing in healthy people. They ...
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New GE rice variety boosts plant’s immune system to fight multiple diseases at once

Science | 
Plants don’t have a bloodstream to circulate immune cells. Instead, they use receptors on the outsides of their cells to ...

Whole genome sequencing could have huge impact on medicine

Bio IT World | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. "It sounds kind of ...
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