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Potato breeding ‘revolution’ aims to safeguard spuds against proliferating pests and climate change

Erik Stokstad | 
In Peru and around the world, enhancing the potato has become a high priority. It is the most important food ...
1-14-2019 origin x

Was life on Earth sparked by ‘moon-sized’ impact 4.4 billion years ago?

Robert Service | 
A cataclysm may have jump-started life on Earth. A new scenario suggests that some 4.47 billion years ago—a mere 60 ...
least aggressive dog breeds canna pet x

Born that way? Dog breed traits are rooted in their genetics, study shows

Elizabeth Pennisi | 
American Kennel Club descriptions of dog breeds can read like online dating profiles: The border collie is a workaholic; the ...
ms swaminathan pti

M.S. Swaminathan, ‘father of India’s Green Revolution,’ says he’s not opposed to GMO crops

Gayathri Vaidynathan | 
An iconic Indian agricultural scientist is distancing himself from a recent editorial he co-authored that is critical of genetically modified ...
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‘Cutting-edge’ artificial cells could boost precision medicine efforts

Mitch Leslie | 
No biologist would mistake the microscopic "cells" that chemical biologist Neal Devaraj and colleagues are whipping up at the University ...
birth canals

Human evolutionary theory challenged in global study by diversity of birth canals

Erica Tennenhouse | 
The shape of a mother’s birth canal is a tug-of-war between two opposing evolutionary forces: It needs to be wide ...
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Recreating the chemical soup that may have sparked life on earth

Robert Service | 
In the molecular dance that gave birth to life on Earth, RNA appears to be a central player. But the ...
eu farming policy

EU’s ‘stringent’ gene-edited crop regulations starting to ‘chill’ plant breeding research

Andrew Wight | 
Three months after the European Union’s top court gave gene-edited crops the same stringent legal status as genetically modified (GM) ...
get more sun feat

Peering into our body’s complicated relationship with the sun

Derek Lowe | 
One of the impressive things about biochemistry and cell biology is how it can produce physical correlates to things that ...
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Quest to find molecule that sparks multiple sclerosis yields promising discovery

Mitch Leslie | 
Researchers have long suspected that a self-antigen—a normal molecule in the body that the immune system mistakenly treats as a ...
truck spraying pesticides

Sustainability failure: Anti-GMO France’s 10-year effort to slash pesticide use boosted spraying by 12%

Erik Stokstad | 
In 2008, the French government announced a dramatic shift in agricultural policy, calling for pesticide use to be slashed in ...
maria elena alvarez buylla

Mexico’s new science minister fiercely skeptical of GMO crops and new breeding techniques

Lizzie Wade | 
In early June, evolutionary developmental biologist Elena Álvarez-Buylla received an out-of-the-blue phone call from the campaign of Andrés Manuel López ...

How a broken gene may have given us the ability to become ‘marathoners’

Elizabeth Pennisi | 
A new study in mice pinpoints how a stretch of DNA likely turned our ancestors into marathoners, giving us the ...
px Bowl of Strawberries

‘Jumping’ genes responsible for strawberry sexes show how fast plants evolve

Carol Morton | 
[S]eparate sexes may seem fundamental to nature, but they’re an oddity for most plants. Now, scientists have figured out how ...

Scientists could save American Chestnut Tree with genetic engineering—if regulators let them

Gabriel Popkin | 
Two deer-fenced plots here contain some of the world’s most highly regulated trees. Each summer researchers double-bag every flower the ...
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Promising HIV treatment fails in human trials

Jon Cohen | 
When Science published a monkey study nearly 2 years ago that showed an anti-inflammatory antibody effectively cured monkeys intentionally infected ...
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Gene drives could speed up inheritance of certain beneficial traits in mammals, study finds

Jon Cohen | 
Researchers have used CRISPR, the genome editing tool, to speed the inheritance of specific genes in mammals for the first ...

Blood test could tell doctors when to use immunotherapy against cancer

Ken Garber | 
Some cancers generate the seeds of their own destruction. Certain random mutations that accumulate in rapidly dividing tumor cells can ...
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‘Trying to recreate Neanderthal minds’ using minibrains

Jon Cohen | 
[R]esearch teams are engineering stem cells to include Neanderthal genes and growing them into "minibrains" that reflect the influence of ...

Three genes that changed the course of human brain evolution

Elizabeth Pennisi | 
Three nearly identical genes could help explain how 0.5 liters of gray matter in early human ancestors became the 1.4-liter ...

Video: Our bodies continue ‘ticking right along’ after we die

Sarah Crespi | 
When you’re dead, you’re dead—right? No pulse, no brain activity, no signs of life. But at the cellular level, things ...
weedkiller superJumbo

Viewpoint: Pesticide regulations should assess societal context, not just safety

Apart from the inherent scientific complexity, the glyphosate case illustrates a fundamental societal issue. The mere fact that the European ...
dog opt

How genes affect your dog’s athleticism—and what we might learn about ourselves

Elizabeth Pennisi | 
Compare the sprinting Shetland sheepdog with the sluggish St. Bernard, and it’s clear a dog’s genes play a large role ...
KKK Rally

Can scientists keep white nationalists from misusing population genetics research?

Michael Price, Jedidiah Carlson | 
Stormfront and similar online forums, as well as the comment sections on “alt-right” news websites and Twitter accounts, regularly host ...
peru children ngsversion

Single gene variant could explain why Peruvians among world’s shortest people

Elizabeth Pennisi | 
Hundreds of genes influence how tall a person is, but most make an imperceptible difference—perhaps a millimeter, for example. Now, ...
spotted horse

Ancient DNA analysis reveals Botai hunter-gatherers first domesticated horses

Michael Price | 
[W]ho first domesticated horses is a hotly debated question. One leading hypothesis suggests Bronze Age pastoralists called the Yamnaya were ...
baby just born jgpo k

Could pre-pregnancy genetic screening help with difficult child-bearing decisions?

Roni Dengler | 
Pregnancy comes with many unknowns. Perhaps one of the most harrowing is whether a child will be born healthy. Now, ...
hastag x

Is this ancient hashtag just a decoration or the first human symbol?

Michael Erard | 
About 100,000 years ago, ancient humans started etching lines and hashtag patterns onto red rocks in a South African cave ...