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‘It’s not premature to plan’: Deciding who gets the coronavirus vaccine first

Science | 
The new coronavirus’ disproportionate toll on the elderly could put them at the front of the line [for a vaccine] ...
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Another pandemic? New swine flu identified in China could jump to humans

Science | 
[A] new finding that pigs in China are more and more frequently becoming infected with a strain of influenza that ...
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‘It’s been so chaotic’: US government ‘Operation Warp Speed’ may not be focusing on developing the most promising COVID-19 vaccines

Science | 
When the news broke [June 3] that Operation Warp Speed had selected five experimental COVID-19 vaccines to fast-track through testing ...
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‘Operation warp speed’ hopes to turbocharge US quest for a coronavirus vaccine

Science | 
Conventional wisdom is that a vaccine for COVID-19 is at least 1 year away, but the organizers of a U.S ...
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Failed HIV vaccine study is ‘another frustrating defeat’ in the fight against AIDS

Science | 
The failure-ridden search for a vaccine that can stop the AIDS virus has delivered yet another frustrating defeat. The HIV ...
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Why we may never know the fate—good or bad—of China’s controversial CRISPR babies

Science | 
Since the gene-edited babies known as Lulu and Nana became international news in November 2018, scientific debate and media speculation ...
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‘Brute-force approach’ to CRISPR innovation: China stakes out global leadership role developing medical treatments, transplantable organs, quality meat

Science | 
China now has at least four groups of CRISPR researchers doing gene editing with large colonies of monkeys. “The most ...
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China’s multi-billion-dollar investment in CRISPR could help feed its ‘massive’ population

Science | 
[Cell biologist Gao Caixia] is one face of the Chinese government’s bet that CRISPR can transform the country’s food supply ...

How plant pollen could speed development of higher yielding CRISPR-edited crops

Science | 
The genome editor CRISPR has transformed many areas of biology, but using this tool to enhance certain varieties of crops ...

Geneticist George Church on why gene-edited babies aren’t such a bad thing

Science Magazine | 
[Editor's note: Harvard geneticist George Church has come to the defense of Chinese researcher He Jiankui, who shook up the science ...
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Promising HIV treatment fails in human trials

Science | 
When Science published a monkey study nearly 2 years ago that showed an anti-inflammatory antibody effectively cured monkeys intentionally infected ...
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Gene drives could speed up inheritance of certain beneficial traits in mammals, study finds

Science | 
Researchers have used CRISPR, the genome editing tool, to speed the inheritance of specific genes in mammals for the first ...
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‘Trying to recreate Neanderthal minds’ using minibrains

Science | 
[R]esearch teams are engineering stem cells to include Neanderthal genes and growing them into "minibrains" that reflect the influence of ...

Precision upgrade? Modified enzyme could boost CRISPR gene editing

Science | 
You wouldn't know it from the excitement generated by the revolutionary genome editing method known as CRISPR, but as practiced ...
Frankenstein emerges from the Storm

Frankenstein story reminds us why fear is an ‘easy sell’ for science skeptics

Science | 
On 1 August 1790, a precocious student named Victor Frankenstein submitted a radical proposal to an ethical panel at the ...
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Challenging the narrative that someone is manipulating the UN debate over gene drives

Science | 
It had scandal written all over it. Disclosed emails revealed that a covert coalition lobbying for relaxed regulations around a ...
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Americans shedding their skepticism of human genome editing

Science | 
Earlier surveys of Americans (here and here) have found a reluctance to support human genome editing...But the new survey, conducted by social ...
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Zika tragedy reanimates ethical and medical debate about vaccines for pregnant women

Science | 
Ever since the shocking realization in 1961 that the morning sickness pill thalidomide caused shortened limbs in babies, doctors have ...
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Who invented CRISPR gene editing: Broad Institute v University of California patent battle intensifies

Science | 
The University of California (UC) has fired another legal salvo in the prolonged patent battle over CRISPR, the revolutionary gene-editing ...