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vitamin B

Could vitamin B3 supplements prevent birth defects?

Science | 
An extra dose of vitamin B3 might help prevent certain kinds of complex birth defects, according to a new study ...
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Why the fetus — a ‘foreign body’ — does not attack its mother

Science | 
The immune system of a fetus developing in the womb faces a quandary: It has to prepare itself to attack ...

Trials halted for Ebola drug after no results seen in human patients

One of the highly anticipated trials of an Ebola drug that showed promising results in monkeys has been stopped early ...

Mitochondrial donation regulation crosses final legal hurdle in the United Kingdom

Science Insider | 
The United Kingdom’s House of Lords has approved legislation to allow a new type of in vitro fertilization (IVF) that ...

Drug-resistant malaria strains pose challenge to disease prevention

The region around the Mekong River delta is infamous for its malaria parasites. Twice already—in the 1950s and the 1960s—they ...

Among Ebola’s victims, hospital workers and researchers

The ongoing Ebola virus disease outbreak is taking an appalling toll on health workers in West Africa. More than 240 have been infected ...