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asphalt lubricating oil and grease manufacturing market

‘Turning electrons into chemicals’: Scientists seek alternatives to oil-based manufacturing processes

Science | 
Black, gooey, greasy oil is the starting material for more than just transportation fuel. It's also the source of dozens ...
human chromosomes

‘Huge step’ for synthetic biology: CRISPR upgrade allows editing of larger genome fragments ‘with ease’

Science | 
Imagine a word processor that allowed you to change letters or words but balked when you tried to cut or ...

Can this pill protect us against ‘wide range’ of flu viruses?

Science | 
The flu season is at its height in the Northern Hemisphere, but—as many are discovering—seasonal flu vaccines don’t always provide ...
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Was life on Earth sparked by ‘moon-sized’ impact 4.4 billion years ago?

Science | 
A cataclysm may have jump-started life on Earth. A new scenario suggests that some 4.47 billion years ago—a mere 60 ...
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Recreating the chemical soup that may have sparked life on earth

Science | 
In the molecular dance that gave birth to life on Earth, RNA appears to be a central player. But the ...

Video: Micro-bubbles and stem cell gene therapy heal bone fractures in pigs

Science | 
It takes more than a cast and a little time to heal many broken bones....Now, researchers have combined ultrasound, stem ...
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Fertilizer-making GE microbes could boost crop yields, fight malnutrition in developing world

Science | 
Industrial fertilizers help feed billions of people every year, but they remain beyond the reach of many of the world’s ...

Nature’s hard drive: All of the world’s data could be stored in DNA–in one room

Science | 
Humanity has a data storage problem: More data were created in the past 2 years than in all of preceding history ...
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Recreating nature: Building medicines and materials from ‘unnatural proteins’

Science | 
Over the last several years, with a big assist from the genomics and computer revolutions, David Baker, head of the Institute ...

Synthetic biology device called first of its kind

Science Now | 
For the first time, synthetic biologists have created a genetic device that mimics one of the widgets on which all ...