Podcast: The surprising science of epigenetics—How a family of ‘Mickey Mouse mice’ overturned our understanding of heredity

Kat Arney takes a look at the world of epigenetics, finding out if more than DNA passes on to the ...
Maud Slye

Podcast: The dark connection between cancer research and the eugenics movement

Exploring how the stories of the 'cancer ladies' - Maud Slye and Pauline Gross - intersect with the eugenics movement ...
x parents and children

Electronic paternity tests and other bad ideas before the dawn of the DNA era

In the first decades of the 20th century, scientists around the world proposed a fantastic array of new methods to ...

7 things we get wrong about heredity

Many people have misconceptions about heredity—how we are connected to our ancestors and how our inheritance from them shapes us ...
movement x

Yes, genes do shape our behavior, but in complicated ways

Are psychological traits definitely determined by genes? ...
Slitz DRK x

Searching for ALS genes in Appalachian Mountain family trees

With patient visits along the way, [Dr. Edward Kasarskis and Debby Taylor would] be tracing, in reverse, the path of ...

Can you inherit a laugh? Book explores this and other genetics questions

Why are people today often taller than their ancestors? If you have blue eyes or red hair, does that mean your children will ...
Screen Shot at AM

Genes identified that extend life

Is the secret to extending human life span written in our genes? Clues from other organisms suggest it might be ...
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