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Biotechnology timeline: Humans have manipulated genes since the ‘dawn of civilization’

The history of biotechnology shows how humans have been manipulating nature for our benefit for a long time—and how modern ...
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Mask wars: History repeats itself more than a century after the Spanish flu

In the United States, where [the Spanish flu] ultimately killed around 675,000 people, local governments rolled out initiatives to try ...
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Podcast: Tracing humanity’s roots: uncovering history and genetic diversity in Africa

We explore the genetic diversity in the birthplace of humanity and discover the cultural and historical stories written in the ...
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Podcast: Twisted history—The true story of how the DNA double helix was discovered

There's more to the story of the double helix than Watson and Crick. We unwind history to uncover some of ...
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Podcast: Bird poop, pus, and the Manhattan project—the surprising origins of the genetic alphabet

Kat Arney explores the origins of the genetic alphabet: A, C, T and G - the four 'letters' that spell ...
edith rebecca saunders in garden

Podcast: The untold story of Edith Rebecca Saunders—’mother of British plant genetics’

We unearth the story of Edith Rebecca Saunders, co-founder of The Genetics Society and the ‘mother of British plant genetics’ ...
mosquito x

Much more than an ‘itchy pest’: Mosquitoes have played a major role in human history

Fifty-two billion people—almost half of the cumulative human population—are thought to have perished at the hands of a creature no ...
Steam train

Podcast: Did a legendary train ride really lead to the rediscovery of Mendel’s laws?

A Victorian scientist's train ride to London leads to the rediscovery of Mendel's laws of inheritance, Nice story, but is ...
Darwin and Mendel

Podcast: What would have happened if Darwin and Mendel had been on Twitter?

Where would we be now if Darwin and Mendel had been on Twitter? ...

Colonial warfare: Were smallpox-infected blankets given to Native Americans?

North American colonists’ warfare against Native Americans often was horrifyingly brutal. But one method they appear to have used shocks even more ...

What can sequencing da Vinci’s genome teach us about genius?

A team of scientists wants to sequence Leonardo da Vinci’s genome using DNA taken from his works of art and ...
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Genetic analysis shows lasting effects of caste system on health of modern Indians

Modern genetic analysis shows that India's caste system still has a significant affect on the health and biology of modern ...
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