Distinctive ‘Habsburg jaw’ of medieval kings and queens was created by centuries of inbreeding, study suggests

Many of the kings and queens of the Spanish Habsburg dynasty, which ruled across Europe from the 16th to the ...
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A peek into the sex lives of Neanderthals—they may have mated with ‘close kin’

A group of 13 Neanderthal remains detail a story of inbreeding, cannibalism ...
2-26-2019 neanderthal dna still runs in our genomes complicating the story of our origins

Were Neanderthals doomed by their inbreeding?

Mounting evidence suggests Neanderthals also had a habit of inbreeding, or conceiving with close relatives. Several studies have now reported ...

Marrying your cousin? There may be evolutionary benefits

The taboo against cousin marriages may be overblown--and there may even be an evolutionary argument in support of it in ...

Mood disorders more common in children of first-cousin parents, study finds

Having parents who are first cousins doubles the risk of inheriting a single-gene condition, from 2.5 percent to about 5 ...
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