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Podcast: Meet Mary Mangan—the biologist who crashes anti-GMO events and debunks junk science on Twitter

Cameron English, Mary Mangan | 
Mangan discusses her unique approach to spreading science literacy ...

Viewpoint: Activists promotion of ‘fog of misinformation’ about GMOs challenges science communicators

Mary Mangan | 
Activists spend all day peddling nonsense. If they spent that kind of time on constructive issues…sigh. [A] local radio station ...
JD Elizabeth Ev strawberries courtesy Longs Gardens

Viewpoint: Anti-GMO activists crave a return to ‘simpler times’ in farming. Here’s why that would be disastrous.

Mary Mangan | 
The appeal of simpler times, as imagined by wealthy white guys ...

Review of Whitewash (or Hogwash?): Carey Gillam’s glyphosate book betrays science, undermines our understanding of cancer

Mary Mangan | 
Last fall a new book hit the shelves, timed to coincide with public hearings on the European Union’s re-authorization of ...
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