‘People always have, and likely always will, fear new things’: Why we still can’t buy AquaBounty's GM salmon

‘People always have, and likely always will, fear new things’: Why we still can’t buy AquaBounty’s GM salmon

Jacob Bergdahl | 
An ordinary salmon could take three years to grow, while AquaBounty’s fish grows to full size in just eighteen months. What ...
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Viewpoint: Can you inherit anorexia and other eating disorders?

Michelle Konstantinovsky | 
Experts have long known that eating disorders stem from a combination of hereditary and environmental factors, but no one had ever ...
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America’s sordid history of forced sterilization

Cynthia Greenlee | 
On September 14, advocacy groups filed a complaint that accused the Irwin County Detention Center, which houses immigrants for federal Immigration and ...
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‘COVID is like a burglar who slips into your unlocked window and ransacks your house’

Thomas Smith | 
It was, in the words of Dr. Daniel Jacobson, lead researcher and chief scientist for computational systems biology at Oak ...
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Viewpoint: Here’s why it’s a big mistake to genetically engineer people

Stuart Newman | 
Studies in animals, including one described recently in Wired, show that the gene manipulation technique CRISPR has a habit of ...

Why all the COVID-induced blood clots, strokes and heart attacks? The coronavirus may be a blood vessel disease rather than a respiratory affliction

Dana Smith | 
In April, blood clots emerged as one of the many mysterious symptoms attributed to Covid-19, a disease that had initially ...
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Viewpoint: Human ‘evolutionary changes’ inevitable from pandemics

Angela Meredith | 
We all know that viruses are living organisms that can evolve and change, but did you also know that they ...
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Infographic: Buying time: What we gain from strong coronavirus measures, including suppression strategies

Tomas Pueyo | 
Summary of the article: Strong coronavirus measures today should only last a few weeks, there shouldn’t be a big peak ...
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Why it may not be ‘screen time’ that’s stunting development of kids’ brains

Dana Smith | 
A new study links young children’s screen time with changes in the brain and slower language development. But parents, before ...
best and worst foods for migraines

New migraine treatments a game changer for some patients

Laura Entis | 
Chronic migraine disorder, which a neurologist diagnosed [Michelle] Tracy with shortly after her initial ER visit, is defined as having ...

Viewpoint: DNA fitness test claims are ‘misleading’

Markham Heid | 
The sales pitch is compelling: By revealing the secrets locked inside your DNA, genetic testing can optimize your workout gains ...
acute flaccid myelitis

Chasing the mysterious polio-like disorder striking children

Bryson Masse | 
A runny nose or cough are normal symptoms during the fall, but this year doctors in the United States and ...
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