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Viewpoint: What happened to Russian ‘Factor GMO’ study—and why aren’t journalists covering it?

Mary Mangan | 
In late 2014, with fanfare and a multi-lingual press conference, a group centered in Russia hacked the food media with ...

Russian outfit plans to spend $25 million to secretly study GMOs

Nathanael Johnson | 
Back in November, a group that has campaigned against GMOs in Russia announced that it was going to do a ...

Anti-GMO NGO–NAGS–announces $25 million “independent” study

John Vidal | 
A Russian group working with scientists is set to launch what they call the world’s largest and most comprehensive long-term ...
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$25 million for “Factor GMO” study—Are the results pre-determined?

Jon Entine | 
What anti-GMO activists are billing as the most expensive and comprehensive longterm study of the impact of GMO crops and ...

With GM approval in Russia on the horizon, activist scientists call for 10 year moratorium

In an attempt to block the introduction of GM crops in Russian, an anti-GMO activist scientist organization is calling for ...

GM-feed may harm animals’ reproduction

Russian scientists have proven the existence of very serious health risks for animals given genetically modified (GM) feed. This statement ...
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