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Viewpoint: Neurodiversity movement hurts people with autism by ‘romanticizing’ the disorder

In the past decade, neurodiversity’s popularity has grown enormously, largely because of the buzz surrounding Steve Silberman’s book NeuroTribes (2015). Today, the ...
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Viewpoint: We need to recognize autism as a medical disability, not just a different way of being

Advocating for medical research, former president of Autism Speaks Liz Feld has stated that one third of people with autism ...
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Autism war rages: Is it a medical condition or ‘neurodiversity’?

[There is] a deep divide in the autism community: On one side are parents of autistic children with severe traits ...

Should you disclose your autism diagnosis at work?

One central question those of us with jobs face is: Do I disclose my autism diagnosis to my boss and ...
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