After CRISPR human embryo experiment goes awry, some call for gene editing restrictions

Biologist Kathy Niakan and her team at the Francis Crick Institute wanted to better understand the role of a particular ...

Revamped CRISPR could be more accurate and effective against human diseases, including sickle cell anemia

CRISPR is not perfect. Base editors (think of them as gene-editing pencils) can rewrite individual DNA letters. They home in ...
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New CRISPR tool pinpoints potentially harmful off-target edits more efficiently

With the first CRISPR gene editing therapies now in clinical trials there is an increased urgency to be able to ...

Off-target RNA mutations: Why this ‘more precise genome-editing’ technique needs improvement

Base editors designed to convert one DNA nucleotide to another may also perform large numbers of unwanted edits to RNA, ...
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‘Genetic crapshoot’: Two studies suggest clinical use of CRISPR hampered by off-target editing

The version of CRISPR whose selling point has been its precision suffers, ironically, from the same shortcoming that has dogged ...

Activists fan concerns about CRISPR ‘off target’ effects in gene-edited crops and foods. Are they right?

Off-target simply means an unintended effect as opposed to what researcher's are trying to produce. It's akin to side effects ...
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