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Podcast: ‘Clean’ wine isn’t so clean; FDA blocks hemophilia gene therapy; Universal flu vaccine?

Actress Cameron Diaz and fashion entrepreneur Katherine Power are marketing a new brand of "clean" wine using long-debunked claims about ...
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Disaster interrupted: Which farming system better preserves insect populations: Organic or conventional?

A three-year run of fragmentary Armageddon-like studies had primed the journalism pumps and settled the media framing about the future ...

EU could make 25% of its farmland organic by 2030 to combat biodiversity loss

The EU could set a target of one-quarter of agricultural land in Europe to be farmed organically by 2030, with ...
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Existing research may downplay environmental benefits of organic farming, new study claims

The environmental effects of agriculture and food are hotly debated. But the most widely used method of analysis often tends ...
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The real sustainability revolution in farming rests with CRISPR and other New Breeding Techniques. Why are organic farmers blocked from using them?

New breeding techniques allow increased precision and much shorter time periods than conventional breeding ...
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Farmers know switch to organic means lower yields, but expect price premium to make up for losses

For decades, the conventional wisdom surrounding organic farming has been that it produces crops that are healthier and better for ...

Viewpoint: Why CRISPR-edited crops should be allowed in organic agriculture

A University of California, Berkeley professor stands at the front of the room, delivering her invited talk about the potential ...

Is organic farming sustainable? 5 carbon footprint challenges

Along with unsubstantiated claims of better nutrition and safety, supporters of organic farming often cite its lower carbon footprint as ...
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