Podcast: Nothing about me without me—The importance of involving patients in genomic research

Kat Arney discusses why it’s so important to make sure that academic and commercial genomics research studies involve patients and ...
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Patients react after failure of promising Alzheimer drug trial: ‘Like the rug was pulled out from under us’

When Biogen and its partner Eisai announced that they were stopping two phase 3 trials of the Alzheimer’s treatment aducanumab because the ...
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Life in a coma: Can a machine tell us whether someone will ever wake up?

When somebody falls into a coma, they lose all motor functions. Brain activity slows significantly. In most cases, no external ...
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Viewpoint: Precision medicine promises a lot, but has delivered little

Doctors and hospitals love to talk about the patients they’ve saved with precision medicine, and reporters love to write about ...

Viewpoint: Study participants should have the right to their own results

Study participants nearly always want their own results. But few get them. … The ethical concern with giving an individual ...
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