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covid vaccine

US appears ill-prepared to support COVID vaccine rollout

Medscape | 
In a four-page memo this summer, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told health departments across the country to draft ...
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‘Overwhelmingly positive’: Fauci says ‘independent board’ has authority to end vaccine trials early and roll out immunizations

CNN | 
Although two ongoing clinical trials of 30,000 volunteers are expected to conclude by the end of the year, [Anthony] Fauci ...
max scherzer nationals

Unproven stem cell treatments gain popularity boost from Max Scherzer, Tiger Woods, other pro athletes

Washington Post | 
Stem cells and related therapies, such as platelet injections, have been used for the past decade by top athletes: golfer ...
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Viewpoint: Precision medicine promises a lot, but has delivered little

New York Times | 
Doctors and hospitals love to talk about the patients they’ve saved with precision medicine, and reporters love to write about ...

Breakthrough Novartis ‘living cell’ leukemia drug to debut but at $650,000 per treatment

Scientific American | 
When doctors talk about a new leukemia drug from Novartis, they ooze enthusiasm, using words like “breakthrough,” “revolutionary” and “a watershed ...