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What does ‘herd immunity’ mean and why is it important?

What does ‘herd immunity’ mean and why is it important?

Aneri Pattani | 
People seem pretty confused about herd immunity. What exactly does it mean and can it be used to combat COVID-19? ...

Trump’s osteopathic doctor Sean Conley’s willingness to withhold national security related information about president’s infection resurrects stigmas about DOs

Lauren Weber | 
[A]s Dr. Sean Conley, [D.O.] issued public updates on his treatment of Trump’s COVID-19, the questions and the insults about ...
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Is it safe to go back to the gym?

Will Stone | 
The benefits of gyms are clear. Regular exercise staves off depression and improves sleep, and staying fit may be a ...

Flying? What are the real risks from COVID?

Noah Kim | 
In the absence of reliable data, we decided to ask the experts about the possibility of contracting the virus while ...
black aging covid

Plagued by chronic illnesses, elderly blacks dying at alarming rate

Judith Graham | 
They are perishing quietly, out of sight, in homes and apartment buildings, senior housing complexes, nursing homes and hospitals, disproportionately poor, frail and ...
COVID vaccine rollout should draw on lessons of malaria and polio shot campaigns

COVID vaccine rollout should draw on lessons of malaria and polio shot campaigns

Arthur Allen | 
The polio vaccine was one of the few the public greeted eagerly. Diseases like measles and whooping cough were familiar ...
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‘Humans often do dumb things’: ‘Unsettling similarities’ between responses to COVID-19 and the flea-driven 14th century black death

JoNel Aleccia | 
The flea-driven plague, also known as the “Great Mortality,” overran Eurasia and North Africa from 1347 to 1353, killing tens ...
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How to make $2000: Volunteer to get a COVID-19 test vaccine

JoNel Aleccia, Phil Galewitz | 
During the next two months, vaccine makers hope to recruit 60,000 Americans to roll up their sleeves to test the ...
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It’s disease-carrying mosquito season, but coronavirus cripples response

Monitoring and killing mosquitoes is a key public health task used to curb the spread of deadly disease. In recent ...
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US employers turning to pricey and unproven COVID-19 antibody testing

Anna Barry-Jester, JoNel Aleccia | 
Across America, untold numbers of employers, employees and ordinary citizens are turning to a slew of sometimes pricey new COVID-19 ...

Trump brain test inspires creation of online version for consumers

JoNel Aleccia | 
Weeks after [President] Trump posted his perfect [Montreal Cognitive Assessment] score (30/30), the researchers started working on a new tool, ...