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Why genetic tests could affect your insurance coverage in the future

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Taking a genetic test in your 20s or 30s could, indeed, affect your ability to get long-term-care insurance later — ...

Genetic privacy: Are we protected against discrimination from health insurers?

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This week, we're tackling questions from readers who are worried about health insurance roadblocks in the face of a serious ...
Screen Shot at AM

Insurers demand women receive genetic counseling before BRCA test

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Health care providers and insurers agree that...genetic testing [is important for women] if their family history of breast or ovarian ...

Don’t bank on insurance paying for genetic testing

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The day when a simple blood test or saliva sample can identify your risk for medical conditions ranging from cancer ...

Insurers balk on rarer genetic tests for breast cancer

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The following is an edited excerpt. When it comes to inherited genetic mutations that increase the risk of breast cancer, ...