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Why this COVID-19 spike is different: Current U.S. mutated version much more infectious than first wave virus but no more deadly

Maggie Fox | 
[A new COVID-19] mutation makes the virus more likely to infect people but does not seem to make them any ...

Will herd immunity curb COVID-19? Not with rampant spread of ‘anti-science, anti-authority, anti-vaccine’ views

Elizabeth Cohen | 
With government support, three coronavirus vaccines are expected to be studied in large-scale clinical trials in the next three months ...
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Is speed more important than safety? Operation Warp Speed triggers public fears regulators are cutting coronavirus vaccine corners

Elizabeth Cohen | 
"I'm a bit concerned to see there's a fair amount of skepticism in the American public about whether or not ...
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Viewpoint: We can’t blame genetics for government ‘indifference, missteps and political calculations’ in COVID-19 deaths

Kent Sepkowitz | 
The influx of geneticists studying Covid-19 is good news; brilliant minds that examine a problem from different perspectives is our ...
soda diabetes jpg

Even one can of soda a day could increase risk of heart disease, study says

Ryan Prior | 
Even one serving daily of a sugary soft drink is associated with higher risk of cardiovascular disease. That's according to ...
pregnant pause photocredit monica simon x

Drinking and smoking ‘of any level’ while pregnant may harm baby’s development, study says

Kristen Rogers | 
If you're stressed or wanting to enjoy virtual happy hour with friends while pregnant, having a glass of wine every ...
skynews coronavirus children

Not all children are safe from COVID-19: Mysterious childhood illness similar to Kawasaki disease linked to coronavirus

Maggie Fox | 
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a health advisory to thousands of doctors across the country [May ...
liberation of slaves simon bol

Skeletons of Africans enslaved in Mexico reveal extreme hardships of the Atlantic slave trade

Kristen Rogers | 
In a study published [April 30] in the journal Current Biology, scientists tell the stories of three 16th-century enslaved Africans ...
ancient finds gondwanatherian exlarge

‘Crazy beast’ fossil shows how weird evolution can get

Ashley Strickland | 
Researchers have uncovered the fossil of an early mammal named the "crazy beast" that lived 66 million years ago on ...

If coronavirus vaccines don’t work, what’s plan B?

Rob Picheta | 
As countries lie frozen in lockdown and billions of people lose their livelihoods, public figures are teasing a breakthrough that ...
glowing plants side view

Fluorescent foliage: Researchers grow glow-in-the-dark plants with help from mushroom DNA

Amy Woodyatt | 
Fans of the "Avatar" movie will have long dreamed of lush jungles teeming with glowing plants. But fluorescent foliage may ...
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Can you get reinfected? 2% of recovered coronavirus patients in South Korea test positive for the disease

In South Korea, health officials are trying to solve a mystery: why 163 people who recovered from coronavirus have retested ...
paysage sous marin antarctique

Discovery of microbes under ocean floor suggests life could thrive in ‘extreme environments’ like Mars

Ashley Strickland | 
When scientists find microbial life thriving in some of the most extreme environments on Earth, it gives them hope that ...
screenshot appetite for warm meat drives risk of disease in hong kong and china

Was it a bat? A lab leak? A bioweapon? Virus hunters battle cornovarius origin speculation

Drew Griffin, Robert Kuznia | 
A vacuum of knowledge about the origins of the new coronavirus ravaging the world has provided fertile ground for all ...
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Video: World has lots of food, but COVID-19 trade restrictions hamper supermarket restocking efforts

John Defterios | 
The food industry is struggling to cope with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Restrictions on transportation links that move ...
caronaviruslungs x

Video: How COVID-19 attacks a patient’s lungs

CT imaging from George Washington University Hospital shows the effects of Covid-19 on the lungs of a 59-year old man ...

Why it’s safe to order food and go grocery shopping during the coronavirus outbreak

Mallory Simon | 
President Donald Trump and governors of various states have suggested Americans should avoid restaurants due to the coronavirus pandemic. Instead ...
space station red romaine lettuce exlarge

Space-grown lettuce a hit with astronauts, and nutritionally identical to its earthly counterpart

Ashley Strickland | 
The astronauts floated around, expressing delight as they tasted something entirely unexpected in space. "Awesome! Tastes good! I like that! ...
milk health effects x feature

Full-fat dairy not linked to childhood obesity, studies show, raising questions about US dietary guidelines

Sandee LaMotte | 
There's little scientific evidence behind recommendations by US health organizations that kids should stop eating full-fat dairy after the age ...
disney impossible meatball submarine exlarge

Disney names GMO Impossible Burger its preferred plant-based meat, noting customers ‘have embraced’ vegan options

Danielle Wiener-Bronner | 
Disney and Impossible Foods, which makes plant-based meat designed to look, taste and cook like the real thing, have struck ...
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This can ‘never ever’ happen again: Cleveland fertility clinic sued over 4,000 lost eggs

Holly Yan | 
Almost two years ago, a freezer malfunction at an Ohio fertility clinic may have destroyed hundreds of patients' chances at ...
screenshot the ‘pillowcase rapist’ suspect eluded capture for decades then police got his son’s dna

DNA cracks 1980 cold case: Gene analysis leads to arrest of Florida’s ‘Pillowcase rapist’

Dakin Andone, Devon Sayers | 
Authorities believe a Florida man arrested last weekend is the so-called Pillowcase Rapist and is responsible for a string of ...
m cancer chemotherapy spl

US cancer death rates fall for 26th year in a row. 2.2% marks largest single-year drop

Jacqueline Howard | 
The rate of people dying from cancer in the United States continued to decline for the 26th year in a ...
border concentration camps gq touts

DNA to be collected from migrants in custody through Trump administration pilot program

Geneva Sands | 
The Trump administration will begin collecting DNA samples from some migrants in US Customs and Border Protection custody as part ...
screenshot impossible foods

Judge blocks Arkansas law outlawing use of ‘meat’ to market plant-based burgers

Madeline Holcombe, Scottie Andrew | 
Veggie burgers are safe for now after a federal judge temporarily blocked Arkansas legislation banning the use of meat-related terminology ...
birth control ap

Once-a-month birth control pill could be possible with innovative design

Eric Cheung | 
Scientists say they have made a breakthrough on developing a contraceptive pill that only needs to be taken once a ...
dunkin beyond meat beyond sausage exlarge

Dunkin’ launching Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich at more than 9,000 US stores in November 2019

Danielle Wiener-Bronner | 
Dunkin' is launching its Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich nationally in November, two months ahead of schedule, after a highly successful ...
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New ‘superfood’ makes bees better pollinators—boosting crop yields up to 90%

Millie Dent | 
Argentina-based startup Beeflow has developed a special nutrient-packed formula for bees meant to boost their immune systems and make them ...