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Should your dog eat ‘paleo’ kibble? How misleading pet food labels fool consumers

Zealotry about pet food is every bit as self-satisfied as a Food Babe mantra. Since food is the new religion, ...
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Organic pet food is ‘considerably more expensive’ than traditional alternatives but nutrient benefits insignificant

Perceived as being healthier alternatives to conventionally farmed foods, organics are often significantly more expensive – according to Consumer Reports, ...

Reasons to be wary of the ‘untamed wilderness’ of dog DNA tests

The claims that dog DNA-testing companies make can seem all but definitive: One quick cheek swab can not only tell ...

Protect your pets: Many agriculturally necessary plants are naturally toxic to animals

Not all plants are wholesome for foraging animals. Certain species of milkweed, for example, that are highly valued as host ...

Talking Biotech: Pet dogs with genetic diseases testing ground for gene therapy

Journalist Emily Mullin: Gene therapies becoming more promising but restricted in humans because of safety concerns, prompting some researchers to ...
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