CRISPR breathing new life into wheat and other crops—can it avoid GMO controversy?

The food industry is hopeful the new gene-editing technology can help create new crop variants without running into the activist ...
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Are plants conscious? Experts say trendy theory in biology based on misunderstanding of evolution

If a tree falls, and no one's there to hear it, does it feel pain and loneliness? No, experts argue ...
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The human cost of the anti-GMO movement: Why one scientist is quitting GE crop research

Constantly confronting people who think my research will harm them is profoundly distressing ...
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Talking Biotech: 91-year-old geneticist Maxine Thompson aims to expand fruit diversity with new berry breeds

Oregon State fruit breeder Maxine Thompson: A trailblazer in plant science, now retired from academia, she continues to work on ...
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USDA scraps overhaul of GMO and gene edited crop regulations that biotech advocates viewed as ‘unscientific’

The Trump administration withdrew a proposed USDA rule change made by the Obama administration that would have been the first ...
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