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Infographic: When extremely premature babies grow up, they face chronic conditions that researchers are just beginning to understand

For the first time, researchers can start to understand the long-term consequences of being born so early. Results are pouring ...

Children born more than 3 weeks premature may develop language problems

[R]esearchers have looked at the language development of preterm children – both those born three weeks early and those born ...
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Clues for predicting premature birth risk may be found in mother’s immune system, microbiome

For decades, researchers and clinicians have sought ways to predict and prevent preterm birth with little progress to show for ...
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Technological ‘leap forward’ moves artificial wombs closer to reality

In 2017, a team of Australian and Japanese scientists announced a breakthrough that could someday save the lives of countless babies. They ...

Lab-grown ‘mini brains’ are similar to those of premature babies and why that’s a concern

‘Mini brains’ grown in a dish have spontaneously produced human-like brain waves for the first time — and the electrical ...
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