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‘Rare and unsettling’: Young woman had undeveloped ‘twin’ in her abdomen for 17 years

Gizmodo | 
A young woman in India unknowingly lived with one of the rarest and most unsettling medical conditions for nearly two ...
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Deep dive into US stem cell clinics gives reason to worry about ‘unsafe or useless treatments’

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Medical clinics that provide largely unregulated stem cell treatments are popping up all over the U.S. But a new study ...
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Sleep easy: Late-night surfing on your smartphone unlikely to damage your internal clock

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People who only occasionally fall down an internet rabbit hole on their smartphones late at night might be able to ...
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Amputees could ‘feel’ again with innovative prosthetic arm

Gizmodo | 
For people who have lost a hand or arm, prosthetics may restore some functioning, but not the sense of touch ...

‘Do not waste your money’: Most heart-healthy supplements won’t cut your disease risk, study shows

Gizmodo | 
There are lots of things you can do to keep your heart healthy and hopefully live longer. But a new ...
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Herbal remedy kratom linked to seizures, addiction and deaths

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The herbal remedy kratom, often touted as an alternative treatment for opioid withdrawal or chronic pain, is in for more ...

FDA warns kratom sellers to stop making unproven claims about chronic pain, opioid addiction benefits

Gizmodo | 
The Food and Drug Administration is still pressing down hard on kratom—the plant treatment that adherents say has helped them ...
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Recently discovered Salmonella strain could render some infections ‘simply untreatable’

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Scientists at North Carolina State University say they’ve discovered disease-causing Salmonella bacteria in the U.S. that can resist one of ...
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Tired of being a night owl? You may be able to trick your body into changing its ways

Gizmodo | 
If you envy people who wake up with the Sun, but you can’t seem to get to bed until well ...
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Marijuana compound CBD could help people fight opioid addiction

Gizmodo | 
A new study out [May 21] is the latest to suggest that cannabis—or at least a key ingredient of it—might ...
5-16-2019 male pill

Should you freeze your sperm? The biological clock is ticking for men, too

Gizmodo | 
Women face the brunt of societal pressure to have children before a certain age, but a new study concludes that ...
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Chasing the ‘perplexing’ link between appendectomies and Parkinson’s disease

Gizmodo | 
New research has found a perplexing, though relatively small link between the devastating neurological illness Parkinson’s disease and having your ...
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When meditation goes wrong: Some people find it distressing, survey shows

Gizmodo | 
One of the most stereotypical relaxing things to do—meditation—may actually cause distress for some people, according to the findings of ...
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Reproducibility crisis: Is scientific research ‘fundamentally flawed’?

Gizmodo | 
A new report released [May 2019] by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine is weighing in on a contentious debate ...
5-8-2019 vasopressin

Social skills in people with autism could be improved through 2 new drug treatments

Gizmodo | 
New research seems to show encouraging progress in helping treat the complex neurodevelopmental disorder autism. Two unrelated clinical trials, involving ...
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Chronic fatigue syndrome could soon be diagnosed with a blood test

Gizmodo | 
Researchers at Stanford University and elsewhere say they’ve taken an important step in potentially helping people with a barely understood ...
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Pot-smoking study suggests CBD plays key role in protecting a stoned brain

Gizmodo | 
Cannabidiol—the ingredient of cannabis that doesn’t make you high, commonly called CBD—might be the angel to THC’s devil, a new ...
4-24-2019 car exercise older people

An hour of exercise a week might be enough to stave off brain shrinkage, study shows

Gizmodo | 
Staying fit could help keep your brain from shrinking and aging in your older years, suggests a new study out ...
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CDC says autism is on the rise—and why it may be worse than we think

Gizmodo | 
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s new report on autism spectrum disorder (ASD) ... offers little good news. It ...
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After another failed clinical trial, new Alzheimer’s treatment attacks disease from ‘different angle’

Gizmodo | 
The field of Alzheimer’s research is one filled with disappointment. [Recently], yet another drug failed its Phase 3 clinical trial, ...
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Technological ‘leap forward’ moves artificial wombs closer to reality

Gizmodo | 
In 2017, a team of Australian and Japanese scientists announced a breakthrough that could someday save the lives of countless babies. They ...

Using ketamine for depression or recreation: What’s the difference?

Gizmodo | 
[G]iven ketamine’s long-standing reputation as a recreational drug—so notorious that users talk about entering a “K-hole” after taking it—you might ...
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Esketamine touted as ‘game changer’ for depression—but who gets to use it?

Gizmodo | 
[Recently,] the Food and Drug Administration approved Johnson & Johnson’s Spravato, the nasal spray version of a ketamine-like sedative, for ...
2-10-2019 download

Are we closer to determining what a ‘conscious brain’ looks like?

Gizmodo | 
Most of the time, it’s easy to tell when someone is consciously aware. But there are many tragic cases when ...
2-13-2019 spray

Fighting depression: Nasal-based ketamine spray clears key FDA hurdle

Gizmodo | 
One of the largest hurdles to ketamine becoming a mainstream depression treatment may have just been cleared. On [February 12], ...
2-4-2019 breafast tostada

Is breakfast really important for weight loss? New study says no

Gizmodo | 
Breakfast is often said to be the most important meal of the day, but according to a new review out [January 30] ...
1-29-2019 is rheumatoid arthritis hiding your high blood pressure x

Could ‘aggressively’ attacking high blood pressure prevent cognitive decline?

Gizmodo | 
Some five million Americans live with dementia, most often Alzheimer’s disease. And it’s almost certain that as the general population ...
1-19-2019 d printed blood vessels could be key to sustaining lab grown tissue

‘Perfect’ replicas of human blood vessels grown in lab

Gizmodo | 
An international team of scientists claim to have pulled off a first: Three-dimensional replicas of human blood vessels that are ...