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‘We have absolutely no idea what the adverse effects of that could be’: What’s the science skinny on ‘brain boosting’ supplements

‘We have absolutely no idea what the adverse effects of that could be’: What’s the science skinny on ‘brain boosting’ supplements

Gizmodo | 
Nootropics, also called smart drugs, have become one of the fastest-growing segments of the supplement industry. They’re marketed as products that can ...
goodwin biotech to work on opioid addiction vaccines project

Why it will be so difficult to develop a vaccine to prevent opioid addiction

Gizmodo | 
[P]atients taking opioids for chronic pain can produce antibodies to the drugs, which could help explain some of the side-effects ...

Science around coronavirus reinfection remains unsettled

Gizmodo | 
[A] Vox article written by a primary care doctor in Washington D.C. laid out an imminent and frightening pandemic scenario, based on ...
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Mystery inflammation syndrome connected to COVID-19 in children results in brain damage

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[Children with COVID-19] can suffer everything from headaches to muscle weakness, along with visible signs of damage to the brain ...
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We’ve successfully flattened the curve. Now get ready for an ‘agonizing’ COVID-19 plateau

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As the summer gets into full swing and much of the country lifts its restrictions on distancing… it’s important to ...
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‘A misunderstanding’: WHO backtracks on claim that asymptomatic transmission of the coronavirus is ‘very rare’

Gizmodo | 
The World Health Organization held a press conference on Tuesday [June 9] to clarify a surprising announcement it made a ...
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Does the coronavirus ‘linger in the air’ long enough be dangerous? Why we can’t answer that question.

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Scientists are debating a key aspect of the coronavirus that causes covid-19: whether the virus lingers in the air for ...
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What’s real? Why ‘false memories’ are trouble for police, juries and judges

Gizmodo | 
In 2015, memory researcher and psychologist Julia Shaw and her co-author published a study on false memories. Over the course ...
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Second person cured of HIV after experimental stem cell transplant

Gizmodo | 
A London man living with HIV who received an experimental stem cell transplant has appeared free of the virus for ...
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Eliminating HIV by 2030 a real possibility, but ‘we’re not getting off to the right start’

Gizmodo | 
During his State of the Union address in February, President Donald Trump reiterated a promise he had made a year earlier: By ...

We can eliminate cervical cancer by 2038

Gizmodo | 
A preventable cancer might be virtually eradicated in the U.S. within the next two decades, according to a new study out ...

Immunotherapy breakthrough? CRISPR-edited immune cells proven safe for use in cancer patients in early stage trial

Gizmodo | 
Now for the first time in the U.S., researchers say they’ve shown that CRISPR-edited immune cells can be safely given ...
virus vaccine articlelarge

How long will it take to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus?

Gizmodo | 
As a newly discovered pneumonia-causing virus threatens to engulf China and spread far beyond its borders, governments and researchers are ...
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Living without a sense of smell brings feelings of isolation and peril, study says

Gizmodo | 
A recent study is one of the first to highlight the plights faced by a small segment of the population: ...
benefícios da suplementação do probióticos

Cancer and heart disease contagious? It’s possible, through the microbiome, researchers argue

Gizmodo | 
It’s a science lesson you probably learned in grade school: You can only catch certain illnesses, like the flu, from ...
amish attacks

Genetic mutation blamed for mysterious heart condition killing young members of Amish community

Gizmodo | 
[D]octors at the Mayo Clinic say they’ve uncovered the cause of a mysterious heart condition that had suddenly killed over ...
mj exercise linked to rise in sperm count

Another benefit of regular exercise— ‘agile, fast-moving sperm’

Gizmodo | 
Regular physical activity can keep a man’s sperm in tip-top shape, a new study suggests. The research was published [December 20] in ...
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Mind games: Do placebos have a place in modern medicine?

Gizmodo | 
Doctors in Australia commonly give their patients a placebo treatment intended mainly to ease their minds, according to a new ...
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Does ‘brain plasticity’ explain why these people can still smell, despite not having olfactory bulbs?

Gizmodo | 
Doctors there say they’ve found people who can smell just as well as anyone else, despite missing the key area ...
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‘Holy grail of medicine’: Experimental drug promises to stop flu in its tracks—if it works in humans

Gizmodo | 
We might be inching closer to a holy grail of medicine: an incredibly effective flu-killing drug that the virus can’t ...
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Two copies of a gene from only a single parent—This ‘genetic quirk’ may not be as rare as we thought

Gizmodo | 
A supposedly rare genetic quirk might be more common than we think, according to new research out [October 10]. The ...

Evolution in motion: Before birth, human fetuses develop—and then lose—lizard-like body parts

Gizmodo | 
The evolutionary journey of any species is littered with detours and dead-ends. Humans, for instance, have vestigial body parts that ...
west nile mosquito exlarge

Something new to worry about: Mosquito-borne brain-infecting EEE virus may be fueled by warming climate

Gizmodo | 
Health officials in several states [have] reported more cases and deaths linked to the Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) virus. The ...

Promising immunotherapy drug to treat peanut allergies may be approved although 10% of study subjects had serious side effects

Gizmodo | 
On [September 13], a panel of experts assembled by the Food and Drug Administration voted that the agency should approve a drug ...
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‘Especially deadly’ mosquito-spread virus kills 3 Americans so far this year

Gizmodo | 
Rhode Island health officials reported that a resident had died after contracting the Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) virus. The death marks the ...

Thanks to IVF, 73-year-old Indian woman just became the ‘oldest new mother ever documented’

Gizmodo | 
An Indian woman named Erramatti Mangayamma has seemingly made history by becoming the oldest new mother ever documented. Her doctors ...
dog friendly dog breeds

How the brains of different dog breeds have evolved to meet our needs

Gizmodo | 
As humans have gone, so have their canine companions. But a new study shows the subtle ways our long-lasting partnership ...
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Breakthrough could help us understand why some tick bites cause bizarre red meat allergies

Gizmodo | 
Scientists at the University of Virginia have seemingly come closer to unraveling the mystery behind a strange red meat allergy ...