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2-13-2019 spray

Fighting depression: Nasal-based ketamine spray clears key FDA hurdle

Ed Cara | 
One of the largest hurdles to ketamine becoming a mainstream depression treatment may have just been cleared. On [February 12], ...
2-6-2019 woman scratching her neck

Searching for a link between skin problems and mental health

Angela Lashbrook | 
While some studies have shown a link between isotretinoin use and suicidal thoughts and depression, it’s not clear whether those mental health effects are ...
2-4-2019 breafast tostada

Is breakfast really important for weight loss? New study says no

Ed Cara | 
Breakfast is often said to be the most important meal of the day, but according to a new review out [January 30] ...
1-31-2019 a

Viewpoint: Biologist Craig Mello knew about the CRISPR babies. Why his silence was ‘not acceptable’

George Dvorsky | 
The Associated Press reports that Nobel laureate and biologist Craig Mello was aware of a pregnancy in China involving gene-edited ...
1-29-2019 is rheumatoid arthritis hiding your high blood pressure x

Could ‘aggressively’ attacking high blood pressure prevent cognitive decline?

Ed Cara | 
Some five million Americans live with dementia, most often Alzheimer’s disease. And it’s almost certain that as the general population ...
1-27-2019 p w

China’s latest ‘ethical mess’: Cloning diseased gene-edited monkeys

Ryan Mandelbaum | 
Chinese researchers have cloned five gene-edited monkeys with a host of genetic disease symptoms, according to two scientific papers published ...
1-19-2019 d printed blood vessels could be key to sustaining lab grown tissue

‘Perfect’ replicas of human blood vessels grown in lab

Ed Cara | 
An international team of scientists claim to have pulled off a first: Three-dimensional replicas of human blood vessels that are ...
1-17-2019 jogging tour rome

Even just a bit of exercise might help you live longer, study shows

Ed Cara | 
Yet another study highlights the importance of getting up and doing something—anything!—to be physically active. It suggests that sedentary people ...
he jiankui x

Chinese scientist behind CRISPR babies committed crimes, will be punished, China says

George Dvorsky | 
The scientist responsible for creating the world’s first genetically modified babies violated government bans and committed fraud, according to Chinese ...
potatoes in hand e

Researchers aim to develop heartier potatoes, but ‘generations of inbreeding’ may pose a challenge

Ryan Mandelbaum | 
Scientists are trying to revolutionize potatoes and....cure the tubers’ depression, the result of generations of inbreeding. ....Potatoes reproduce through cloning, ...
aaaa b b a d c c ff f

10,000-year-old remains suggest dogs reached North America earlier than previously thought

George Dvorsky | 
The skeletal remains of three ancient dogs found buried in Illinois now represent the earliest evidence for the presence of ...
the different shapes of bulldog tails

What the bulldog’s distinctive tail can tell us about this rare human genetic disorder

Ed Cara | 
One of the most distinctive body parts of your typical English bulldog, French bulldog, or Boston terrier—their coiled screw tail—might ...
cc babyseq x

Are we ready for the ethical issues surrounding newborn genetic screening?

Ed Cara | 
In the not-too-distant future, it will be possible to get a complete readout of a person’s genetics with ease, even ...

Video: ‘Impossible burger 2.0’ on the verge of matching real beef—will it change how we eat?

Adam Estes | 
To many meat-eaters, the Impossible Burger is a rude idea. This plant-based beef substitute is designed to look like meat, ...
tomato forks x

Spicy tomatoes? Scientists want to produce chili pepper metabolites in CRISPR-edited tomatoes

Ryan Mandelbaum | 
Surely, someone out there has cooked up a shrimp fra diavolo and thought, “mamma mia, this would be much easier ...
peanut allergy child

Do you really have a food allergy? Only 10 percent of Americans do, study claims

Ed Cara | 
Millions of Americans might be mistaken about their self-professed food allergy, suggests a new survey. It found that while nearly ...
e e b f b

Chinese scientists aren’t keeping tabs on experimental gene therapy patients, report says

George Dvorsky | 
Gene therapies are very much at their preliminary stages of development, so it would make sense to keep tabs on ...

Childhood antibiotics use linked to higher risk of mental illness in study

Ed Cara | 
[Antibiotic] overuse can help create bacterial superbugs resistant to future antibiotics. But a new study published [December 5] in JAMA Psychiatry suggests ...
brain implant electrodes x

Treating depression with brain-stimulating implants

Ed Cara | 
[A] new study out of the University of California, San Francisco, published [November 29] in Current Biology, seems to offer an intriguing ...

Mitochondrial DNA can be passed on from fathers, too

Ryan Mandelbaum | 
You probably learned two things about mitochondria in high school biology. First, they’re the powerhouses of the cell. Second, you ...
newborn baby spit up gerd

Transplanted uterus leads to successful birth of baby girl

Ed Cara | 
A team of doctors in Brazil have announced a medical first that could someday help countless women unable to have ...

‘Scarier than we knew’: Dementia-causing prions can spread through the eyes

Ed Cara | 
One of the strangest things that can sicken us—a rogue misfolded protein that destroys the brain, known as a prion—is ...

Controversial Chinese scientist behind CRISPR babies is missing

George Dvorsky | 
The current whereabouts of He Jiankui—the scientist who claims to have engineered the world’s first genetically modified human babies—is unknown ...
tree life evolution hemimastigotes

This tiny creature gives us a ‘completely new branch on the tree of life’

George Dvorsky | 
Canadian scientists have identified microscopic creatures that are so unlike anything seen before, they had to create an entirely new ...
Poto mystery Jamaican mammal possibly Xenothrix

How DNA tests solved the mystery of this strange, now-extinct monkey

George Dvorsky | 
For nearly 100 years, scientists haven’t been able to agree on the evolutionary origins of a strange, now-extinct monkey that ...
hybrid bird

Three bird species in one? Inside a warbler’s puzzling DNA

Ryan Mandelbaum | 
A Pennsylvania birder spotted the bird of a lifetime in his backyard this past spring—it was a hybrid of three ...

How emigrating to another country can change our microbiome

Nicole Wetsman | 
When people immigrate to the United States, their microbiomes quickly transition to a U.S.-associated microbiome, according to research published [November 1] in ...

Why we should search for alien life within our own Solar System

George Dvorsky | 
By examining interstellar asteroids and comets up close, argues Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb, we might be able to tell whether ...