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raw milk

Plant-based burgers….now milk? Impossible Foods aims to make realistic dairy alternative without cows

Andrew Liszewski | 
.... Impossible Foods, makers of the Impossible Burger and other plant-based meat alternatives, are working on another food replacement that ...
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Slideshow: Canine COVID detectors soon may be coming to an airport or business near you

Jody Serrano | 
There are various ongoing efforts to train sniffer dogs to detect covid-19, the disease caused by coronavirus. If dogs prove to be reliable in detecting ...
‘We have absolutely no idea what the adverse effects of that could be’: What’s the science skinny on ‘brain boosting’ supplements

‘We have absolutely no idea what the adverse effects of that could be’: What’s the science skinny on ‘brain boosting’ supplements

Ed Cara | 
Nootropics, also called smart drugs, have become one of the fastest-growing segments of the supplement industry. They’re marketed as products that can ...
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Now mostly desert, what was Arabia like when humans migrated out of Africa?

George Dvorsky | 
Prior to the last ice age, somewhere between 112,000 and 122,000 years ago, two humans, possibly three, walked south along the shore ...
orangutan laughs at magic trick screenshot youtube

Magic tricks can help us better understand animal intelligence

George Dvorsky | 
[A]s a new Science: Perspectives article points out, it’s not just humans who get fooled by magic tricks. Many species of animals ...
goodwin biotech to work on opioid addiction vaccines project

Why it will be so difficult to develop a vaccine to prevent opioid addiction

Ed Cara | 
[P]atients taking opioids for chronic pain can produce antibodies to the drugs, which could help explain some of the side-effects ...
unnamed file

Wooly rhinos driven to extinction by climate change not human hunters

George Dvorsky | 
The reign of woolly rhinos, which lasted for millions of years, came to an abrupt end some 14,000 years ago, ...
the love potion x

Medieval medicine resurrected: Could a 1,000 year old potion help fight bacterial infections?

George Dvorsky | 
Garlic, onion, wine, and a dash of bovine bile. It’s a veritable witch’s brew, but as a new Scientific Reports paper shows, this ...
radiation hazard radioactive waste nuclear disaster gettyimages

Space Station science: Fungus found at Chernobyl could protect astronauts from galactic cosmic radiation

George Dvorsky | 
Galactic cosmic radiation remains a troubling impediment to a sustained human presence in space. This unresolved problem is starting to ...

Science around coronavirus reinfection remains unsettled

Ed Cara | 
[A] Vox article written by a primary care doctor in Washington D.C. laid out an imminent and frightening pandemic scenario, based on ...
unnamed file

Mystery inflammation syndrome connected to COVID-19 in children results in brain damage

Ed Cara | 
[Children with COVID-19] can suffer everything from headaches to muscle weakness, along with visible signs of damage to the brain ...
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Space-thriving bacteria hold key to quickly and cheaply producing innovative polio vaccine

Matthew Phelan | 
[Molecular biologist Mike] Daly has been investigating ways to apply the lessons learned from this bacteria’s unique radiation resistance to ...
solidago virgaurea var leiocarpa

Plants are conscious? Some evidence says yes, but not all experts are convinced

Sofia Quaglia | 
Plants are conscious, according to LINV director Stefano Mancuso, an arboriculture professor at the University of Florence. Mancuso’s case for ...
alien life news possible invisible aliens hiding on earth helen sharman space

Extraterrestrial alert: 737 places where aliens might be hiding

George Dvorsky | 
The Exotica Catalog was put together by researchers from Breakthrough Listen, a decade-long program seeking to find signs of intelligent ...
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We’ve successfully flattened the curve. Now get ready for an ‘agonizing’ COVID-19 plateau

Ed Cara | 
As the summer gets into full swing and much of the country lifts its restrictions on distancing… it’s important to ...
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‘A misunderstanding’: WHO backtracks on claim that asymptomatic transmission of the coronavirus is ‘very rare’

Ed Cara | 
The World Health Organization held a press conference on Tuesday [June 9] to clarify a surprising announcement it made a ...
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DNA from 14,000-year-old tooth offers oldest known link between Native Americans and southern Siberia

George Dvorsky | 
A 14,000-year-old genome scraped from a prehistoric tooth found in southern Siberia is now the oldest known connection linking living ...
evolutionary psychology wide

Challenging evolutionary psychology: Philosopher attacks the field’s underlying scientific foundation

Ryan Mandelbaum | 
It’s not often that a paper attempts to take down an entire field. Yet, this past January, that’s precisely what ...
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Does the coronavirus ‘linger in the air’ long enough be dangerous? Why we can’t answer that question.

Ed Cara | 
Scientists are debating a key aspect of the coronavirus that causes covid-19: whether the virus lingers in the air for ...