The GLP is committed to full transparency. Download and review our Annual Report.

The GLP is committed to full transparency. Download and review our Annual Report.

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12-3-2018 brain-implant-electrodes-670x335

Treating depression with brain-stimulating implants

Ed Cara | 
[A] new study out of the University of California, San Francisco, published [November 29] in Current Biology, seems to offer an intriguing ...
12-2-2018 Mitochondria

Mitochondrial DNA can be passed on from fathers, too

Ryan Mandelbaum | 
You probably learned two things about mitochondria in high school biology. First, they’re the powerhouses of the cell. Second, you ...
12-5-2018 newborn-baby-spit-up-gerd

Transplanted uterus leads to successful birth of baby girl

Ed Cara | 
A team of doctors in Brazil have announced a medical first that could someday help countless women unable to have ...
eye 11 30 18

‘Scarier than we knew’: Dementia-causing prions can spread through the eyes

Ed Cara | 
One of the strangest things that can sicken us—a rogue misfolded protein that destroys the brain, known as a prion—is ...
He 12 4 18

Controversial Chinese scientist behind CRISPR babies is missing

George Dvorsky | 
The current whereabouts of He Jiankui—the scientist who claims to have engineered the world’s first genetically modified human babies—is unknown ...
11-19-2018 tree-life-evolution-hemimastigotes

This tiny creature gives us a ‘completely new branch on the tree of life’

George Dvorsky | 
Canadian scientists have identified microscopic creatures that are so unlike anything seen before, they had to create an entirely new ...
11-16-2018 Poto, mystery Jamaican mammal, possibly Xenothrix

How DNA tests solved the mystery of this strange, now-extinct monkey

George Dvorsky | 
For nearly 100 years, scientists haven’t been able to agree on the evolutionary origins of a strange, now-extinct monkey that ...
11-14-2018 hybrid-bird

Three bird species in one? Inside a warbler’s puzzling DNA

Ryan Mandelbaum | 
A Pennsylvania birder spotted the bird of a lifetime in his backyard this past spring—it was a hybrid of three ...
microbiome 11 12 18

How emigrating to another country can change our microbiome

Nicole Wetsman | 
When people immigrate to the United States, their microbiomes quickly transition to a U.S.-associated microbiome, according to research published [November 1] in ...
11-5-2018 download (6)

Why we should search for alien life within our own Solar System

George Dvorsky | 
By examining interstellar asteroids and comets up close, argues Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb, we might be able to tell whether ...
tele 11 8 18

Search for extraterrestrial life could be hampered by drama surrounding NASA’s telescope dreams

Ryan Mandelbaum | 
For nearly 20 years, NASA has been planning and constructing a telescope unlike any ever built before: the James Webb ...
FDA approves 23andMe's direct-to-consumer DNA test assessing patient's ability to respond to antidepressants

FDA approves 23andMe’s direct-to-consumer DNA test assessing patient’s ability to respond to antidepressants

Catie Keck | 
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced [October 31] that it has approved the marketing of 23andMe’s reports on ...
10-30-2018 psilocybin_magic_mushrooms

The stuff that ‘makes magic mushrooms so magic’ moves closer to FDA approval for treating depression

Ed Cara | 
The active ingredient that makes magic mushrooms so magic—the psychedelic drug psilocybin—is one step closer to becoming a legal treatment for ...
10-29-2018 cryogenic-freezing-cryonics-baby-alcor

Why things aren’t looking good for cryogenically frozen people

Daniel Kolitz | 
Corpse-freezing hasn’t exactly gone mainstream, but most people are now familiar with the concept: you lay out a ton of ...
10-28-2018 chocolate-lab

Chocolate labs plagued by consumer-driven ‘genetic bottleneck’

George Dvorsky | 
New research shows that chocolate Labrador retrievers are more likely to experience health problems and die younger compared to their ...
We started eating chocolate 1,500 years earlier than previously thought, paper says

We started eating chocolate 1,500 years earlier than previously thought, paper says

George Dvorsky | 
New archaeological evidence suggests humans were cultivating and consuming cacao—the crop from which chocolate is produced—as long as 5,300 years ...
10-25-2018 drugs-to-treat-the-flu-now-include-xofluza-a-new-antiviral-the-fda-just-approved

‘First drug of its kind’ flu medication gains approval

Ed Cara | 
The flu vaccine remains the best proactive way to protect yourself and your loved ones from the influenza virus. But ...
10-23-2018 sheep_dog

Where did Europe’s original dogs go?

George Dvorsky | 
The first farmers to arrive in Europe from the Middle East brought their dogs along with them, effectively wiping out ...
10-22-2018 O'DEKIRK

Dogs and words: Do they really understand what we’re saying?

Catie Keck | 
A new study by scientists at Emory University and published Monday [Oct. 15] in the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience suggests dogs possess ...
10-18-2018 1539809428_sxmm9leske5q3nn35jgo

Challenging earth’s oldest fossils: Critics say ‘there’s absolutely nothing biological about them’

George Dvorsky | 
Two years ago, researchers from the University of Wollongong in Australia shook the science world by claiming to have discovered ...
Does the internet 'mess with your brain'? New international project aims to find out

Does the internet ‘mess with your brain’? New international project aims to find out

Ed Cara | 
As anyone who has spent any amount of time on Twitter can tell you, the internet can bring out the ...
10-10-2018 neanderthals-effective-healthcare-compassion_1-770x437

Neanderthals’ healthcare skills helped them survive through Ice Age

George Dvorsky | 
Neanderthals cared for their sick and wounded, and new research suggests this well-documented behavior was more than just a cultural ...
Erectile dysfunction? If you carry this gene, you have a 26% increased risk

Erectile dysfunction? If you carry this gene, you have a 26% increased risk

Ed Cara | 
A group of scientists believe they’ve uncovered at least some of the genetic risk factors that can contribute to a ...
9-30-2018 genetic-testing

Understanding cancer risk: Why your genetic test results may need another look

Ed Cara | 
The first wave of routine genetics testing has already helped millions of people learn about their hereditary risk for certain ...
Canada’s shady stem cell clinics

Canada’s shady stem cell clinics

Ed Cara | 
Doctors selling dubious stem cell treatments isn’t just a problem in the U.S., suggests a new study published in Regenerative Medicine. Clinics ...
memories 10 2 18

Remembering last year like last week: Is a perfect memory a blessing or a curse?

George Dvorsky | 
The ability to remember every moment of your life sounds like an amazing proposition, but for the very few people ...
synthetic 10 2 18

Mysterious ‘Ebola-like’ outbreak linked to synthetic marijuana

Ed Cara | 
Since March, hundreds of people in the U.S. have come down with horrific, Ebola-like symptoms of bleeding. The initially mysterious ...
9-25-2018 558-million-year-old-fat-molecule-reveals-worlds-earliest-animal

Mysterious fossil could be oldest known animal—if scientists can agree it is one

George Dvorsky | 
An international team of researchers is claiming to have discovered traces of cholesterol on a fossil of Dickinsonia—a mysterious creature that ...