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9-18-2018 shutterstock_1111363829-2-768x512

How crowdfunding is being used for ‘dubiuous, possibly dangerous’ alternative cancer treatments

Ed Cara | 
It’s become a heartbreakingly common sight on the internet: People using crowdfunding sites to raise money for their expensive health ...

What do toddlers and chimpanzees have in common? They use the same unspoken language

George Dvorsky | 
Prior to developing the capacity for speech, toddlers communicate their desires, demands, and discontent using a diverse repertoire of physical ...
9-13-2018 130828115854-hm-what-is-als-00003404-horizontal-large-gallery

ALS patients more likely to have other mental, behavioral problems

Ed Cara | 
Because ALS primarily affects a person’s motor neurons, it has been assumed that the disease spares a person’s mental faculties ...
9-9-2018 oscillating-fan-primary

White noise dangerous to your brain? There’s ‘reason to be skeptical’ of study

Ed Cara | 
A recent research review suggests that white noise, the soothing, fuzzy soundtrack so many of us rely on to sleep ...
9-4-2018 bigstock-opioids-on-chalkboard-with-rol-199819852

Opioid pain killer without risk of addiction? It may be possible

Ed Cara | 
The ultimate goal of pain medicine—a powerful painkiller with few to no side effects, such as dependence or overdose—is still ...
9-2-2018 1506620529913-Ketamine-Jonah-M

Why is ‘party drug’ ketamine such a powerful treatment for depression?

Ed Cara | 
In recent years, the party drug and anesthetic ketamine has been embraced as a rapidly-acting, if still off-label, medication for ...
23andMe study probes links between cannabis use and schizophrenia

23andMe study probes links between cannabis use and schizophrenia

Ed Cara | 
There’s evidence of a connection between cannabis use and schizophrenia, but it’s unclear whether the drug leads to the disorder, ...
8-28-2018 maxresdefault (11)

Robots could help autistic children communicate more effectively

Ed Cara | 
As excited or terrified as we might be by the latest advances in robot technology, they’re still far from being ...
8-27-2018 merlin_140374533_63ad5a8a-3b96-43f0-a3e2-1fdc6f3d0210-jumbo

Put down the glass of wine: There’s ‘no such thing’ as safe alcohol consumption

Ed Cara | 
You don’t have to go far to find people, including doctors and researchers, who will argue that a little bit of ...
near death 8 22 18

Simulating near-death experiences with hallucinogenic drug DMT

Jessica Boddy | 
Not everyone who is close to death—or thinks they are, at least—has a “near-death experience.” But those who do often ...
8-20-2018 woman-yawning-at-her-computer

Is it possible for tired people to ‘spread’ their misery to others?

Ed Cara | 
[A] new study out of the University of California, Berkeley suggests that poor sleep can be a nightmare for our social lives ...
8-14-2018 humpback-breaching-whale-underwater-ocean-conservation

Ancient genetic oddity makes whales and other aquatic mammals deadly susceptible to common pesticides

Ed Yong | 
Over the past 50 million years, a group of small, hoofed mammals gradually evolved into today’s whales and dolphins. In ...
8-12-2018 a

‘Stuck on the spin cycle’: Probiotic supplements linked to ‘brain fog’

Ed Cara | 
Given their current popularity, you might assume that probiotics—capsules containing a mix of “good” bacteria that are said to rebalance ...
nematodes 8 2 18

Ancient worms resurrected after spending more than 32,000 years on ice

Ed Cara | 
A team of Russian scientists is lining themselves up to be the opening cast of a John Carpenter film. Earlier ...
12 dna-pharmaceutical-drug

Genetic data share: 23andMe partners with drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline

Ed Cara | 
23andMe customers might just play a role in helping create one of Big Pharma’s next blockbuster drugs. On [July 25, ...
Could beef jerky trigger manic episodes for some people?

Could beef jerky trigger manic episodes for some people?

Ed Cara | 
There is no singular cause of mental illness. Any number of things—our genes, environment, and even social mores—play a role in ...
ai 7 27 18

Machines that decide ‘who lives and who dies’? AI community pledges never to build them

Dell Cameron | 
Hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals, many of them researchers and engineers prominent in the fields of robotics and ...
7-19-2018 first_steps02

Why our earliest memories are often imagined

Ed Cara | 
If life is but a tapestry, then memory is the thread. But some of those threads may simply be imagined: ...
7-16-2018 image (4)

Cancer drug duo could lengthen life, boost elderly immune system

Ed Cara | 
Drugs that can lengthen life have long been a hallmark of speculative science fiction—many hope for an invention that could ...
alzheimers 7 20 18

No longer a fringe theory? Herpes virus can spark ‘cascade of events’ leading to Alzheimer’s

Ed Cara | 
For decades, the idea that a bacteria or virus could help cause Alzheimer’s disease was dismissed as a fringe theory ...
6-28-2018 strange planet

Search for alien life gets boost from new NASA project

George Dvorsky | 
The ability to detect life on distant worlds still eludes us, but a new project coordinated by NASA now takes ...
6-26-2018 newedermisbr

Synthetic ‘skin’ could return pain sensations to users of prosthetic limbs

George Dvorsky | 
Current prosthetic limbs aren’t yet capable of transmitting complex sensations like texture or pain to the user, but a recent ...
6-21-2018 a-photograph-of-the-ancient-panda-fossil

Giant panda discovery: DNA from 22,000-year-old skull suggests unknown lineage in China

Jessica Boddy | 
DNA from a 22,000-year-old fossilized panda skull suggests an entirely separate lineage of giant pandas once roamed the area that ...
dna 6 25 18

This legal squabble is challenging the way we handle DNA ownership

Kristen Brown | 
Toronto businessman Harold Peerenboom and Marvel Entertainment chairman Isaac “Ike” Perlmutter were locked in an absurd suburban skirmish, bickering over ...
space junk 6 19 18

Rethinking the search for alien life: Let’s look for their space junk

George Dvorsky | 
SETI enthusiasts have devised all sorts of complicated ways for us to find signs of alien life, but a new ...
6-6-2018 kathymydlachberofb_hdv

Cancer patient’s ‘spontaneous remission’—not her diet—will be included in Harvard study

Ed Cara | 
Over the past few weeks, multiple media outlets have written about Kathy Bero, a 54-year-old woman who claims her breast cancer 12 years ago ...
5-31-2018 nmjwnfwncs9fy4h8cvrb

17,000-year-old route to North America could redefine human migration history

George Dvorsky | 
The first people to cross into North America from Eurasia did so by traveling through the Bering Strait, or so ...
plants conscious 32837

Are plants conscious? Here’s what the experts think

Daniel Kolitz | 
Michael Marder Ikerbasque Research Professor, Philosophy, University of the Basque Country, Vitoria-Gasteiz and author of Plant-Thinking: A Philosophy of Vegetal Life, ...