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eating habits children with autism spectrum disorder

CDC says autism is on the rise—and why it may be worse than we think

Ed Cara | 
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s new report on autism spectrum disorder (ASD) ... offers little good news. It ...
age age spots alzheimer s

After another failed clinical trial, new Alzheimer’s treatment attacks disease from ‘different angle’

Ed Cara | 
The field of Alzheimer’s research is one filled with disappointment. [Recently], yet another drug failed its Phase 3 clinical trial, ...
artificial womb

Technological ‘leap forward’ moves artificial wombs closer to reality

Ed Cara | 
In 2017, a team of Australian and Japanese scientists announced a breakthrough that could someday save the lives of countless babies. They ...

Genetic tests by Inova draw warning letter from FDA, citing potential for ‘serious health consequences’

George Dvorsky | 
A suite of genetic tests used to predict a person’s response to specific medications is being marketed illegally by its ...
neanderthals effective healthcare compassion x

Neanderthals may have been driven to cannibalism by rapid climate change

George Dvorksy | 
New research published [April 2019] in the Journal of Archaeological Science suggests the crushing impact of the Last Interglacial Period, also ...
4-2-2019 asteroid impact

66 million years ago a deadly asteroid struck Earth. Scientists just found a fish killed by the impact

Ryan Mandelbaum | 
At one of the most important ancient graveyards on Earth in North Dakota, paleontologists unearthed the fossilized remains of fish ...

Maybe cats do recognize their own names

George Dvorsky | 
Dogs are amazing at recognizing their own names, but scientists are less certain about whether cats have this ability. New ...
3-20-2019 agneau merinos sperme congele

Birth of lambs from 50-year-old frozen sperm ‘bodes well’ for human fertility

George Dvorsky | 
Semen frozen back in 1968 has been used to impregnate dozens of Merino ewes, resulting in healthy lambs. The Australian ...

Using ketamine for depression or recreation: What’s the difference?

Ed Cara | 
[G]iven ketamine’s long-standing reputation as a recreational drug—so notorious that users talk about entering a “K-hole” after taking it—you might ...
3-6-2019 blog thingsesketamine image

Esketamine touted as ‘game changer’ for depression—but who gets to use it?

Ed Cara | 
[Recently,] the Food and Drug Administration approved Johnson & Johnson’s Spravato, the nasal spray version of a ketamine-like sedative, for ...
3-3-2019 lead

Infrared vision? We’ve now given it to mice and humans could be next

George Dvorsky | 
[Researchers Tian Xue and Gang Han] modified the vision of mice such that they were able to see near-infrared light ...
things you didnt know about breastfeeding

Far from sterile: Breast milk ‘teeming’ with bacteria

Nicole Wetsman | 
Until relatively recently, most researchers thought that breast milk was sterile. But it turns out that, like most other body parts ...
2-10-2019 download

Are we closer to determining what a ‘conscious brain’ looks like?

Ed Cara | 
Most of the time, it’s easy to tell when someone is consciously aware. But there are many tragic cases when ...
2-13-2019 spray

Fighting depression: Nasal-based ketamine spray clears key FDA hurdle

Ed Cara | 
One of the largest hurdles to ketamine becoming a mainstream depression treatment may have just been cleared. On [February 12], ...
2-6-2019 woman scratching her neck

Searching for a link between skin problems and mental health

Angela Lashbrook | 
While some studies have shown a link between isotretinoin use and suicidal thoughts and depression, it’s not clear whether those mental health effects are ...
2-4-2019 breafast tostada

Is breakfast really important for weight loss? New study says no

Ed Cara | 
Breakfast is often said to be the most important meal of the day, but according to a new review out [January 30] ...
1-31-2019 a

Viewpoint: Biologist Craig Mello knew about the CRISPR babies. Why his silence was ‘not acceptable’

George Dvorsky | 
The Associated Press reports that Nobel laureate and biologist Craig Mello was aware of a pregnancy in China involving gene-edited ...
1-29-2019 is rheumatoid arthritis hiding your high blood pressure x

Could ‘aggressively’ attacking high blood pressure prevent cognitive decline?

Ed Cara | 
Some five million Americans live with dementia, most often Alzheimer’s disease. And it’s almost certain that as the general population ...
1-27-2019 p w

China’s latest ‘ethical mess’: Cloning diseased gene-edited monkeys

Ryan Mandelbaum | 
Chinese researchers have cloned five gene-edited monkeys with a host of genetic disease symptoms, according to two scientific papers published ...
1-19-2019 d printed blood vessels could be key to sustaining lab grown tissue

‘Perfect’ replicas of human blood vessels grown in lab

Ed Cara | 
An international team of scientists claim to have pulled off a first: Three-dimensional replicas of human blood vessels that are ...
1-17-2019 jogging tour rome

Even just a bit of exercise might help you live longer, study shows

Ed Cara | 
Yet another study highlights the importance of getting up and doing something—anything!—to be physically active. It suggests that sedentary people ...
he jiankui x

Chinese scientist behind CRISPR babies committed crimes, will be punished, China says

George Dvorsky | 
The scientist responsible for creating the world’s first genetically modified babies violated government bans and committed fraud, according to Chinese ...
potatoes in hand e

Researchers aim to develop heartier potatoes, but ‘generations of inbreeding’ may pose a challenge

Ryan Mandelbaum | 
Scientists are trying to revolutionize potatoes and....cure the tubers’ depression, the result of generations of inbreeding. ....Potatoes reproduce through cloning, ...
aaaa b b a d c c ff f

10,000-year-old remains suggest dogs reached North America earlier than previously thought

George Dvorsky | 
The skeletal remains of three ancient dogs found buried in Illinois now represent the earliest evidence for the presence of ...
the different shapes of bulldog tails

What the bulldog’s distinctive tail can tell us about this rare human genetic disorder

Ed Cara | 
One of the most distinctive body parts of your typical English bulldog, French bulldog, or Boston terrier—their coiled screw tail—might ...
cc babyseq x

Are we ready for the ethical issues surrounding newborn genetic screening?

Ed Cara | 
In the not-too-distant future, it will be possible to get a complete readout of a person’s genetics with ease, even ...

Video: ‘Impossible burger 2.0’ on the verge of matching real beef—will it change how we eat?

Adam Estes | 
To many meat-eaters, the Impossible Burger is a rude idea. This plant-based beef substitute is designed to look like meat, ...
tomato forks x

Spicy tomatoes? Scientists want to produce chili pepper metabolites in CRISPR-edited tomatoes

Ryan Mandelbaum | 
Surely, someone out there has cooked up a shrimp fra diavolo and thought, “mamma mia, this would be much easier ...