No, President Biden is not gunning to ruin your Memorial Day Weekend and ban hamburgers (as rightwing politicians and media allege)

Credit: Yahoo News
Credit: Yahoo News

[A]ll Republicans want to talk about right now is meat, and how Joe Biden is planning to limit you to a quarter pounder a month (TBD if you can have cheese with that in Biden’s America). The meme began propagating through conservative media, feeding the right-wing outrage cycle. It is, of course, a complete lie.

The gist of the meme is this: Joe Biden’s climate plan will require Americans to consume 90% less red meat. Luminaries such as Rep. Lauren Boebert have tweeted about it, and Fox News and Fox Business have had a series of graphics in strong rotation highlighting this claim.

Yet nowhere in President Joe Biden’s climate plan does it say anything about meat consumption. 


Instead, the “stat” comes from a report released last year by University of Michigan researchers who modeled possible pathways to reduce dietary-related emissions.

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“The fact that people latch onto these dietary changes in a different way than they do to food waste or shifting away from fossil fuels isn’t all that surprising to me,” [Center for Biological Diversity’s Stephanie] Feldstein said. “People have a very personal connection to the foods that they eat. It’s part of people’s identity, culture.”

In other words, perfect fuel for a culture war.


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